Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lose You Tonight - Kristina Train

Kristina Train released her second studio album Dark Black in November of last year. It's title track was one of those songs that I think will be a hit at some time, it is too good a song not to be a hit single. Her new single from that album is also very elegant and it is called Lose You Tonight.

If (the Kaytranada & Brothers in Rhythm remixes) - Janet Jackson

If by Janet Jackson was one of her big hit singles from her 1993 Janet album when it got to number 4 in the Billboard Hot 100, number one on the U.S. Hot Dance chart and got to number 14 in the UK.
The Brothers in Rhythm remix of If is one of my favourite remixes of all time, it will always remind me of a time and a place, going out to late night gay clubs in Dublin and hearing that song played loud and just forgetting every worry you had.

My brother Mike recommended me another remix of If which is the Kaytranada remix which is very different but also v good.

Here are both remixes. The Kaytranada remix.

and the Brothers in Rhythm remix.

Max Barskih covers Diamonds by Rihanna

Since he made his debut on the Ukrainian television talent show Sabrika Sirok 2 (Star Factory 2) in 2008 singer Max Barskih has released 15 singles and 3 studio albums. 

Here's a great cover version he recorded of Rihanna's Diamonds.