Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nuclear - the brand new song by Destiny's Child

Nuclear is the brand new song by Destiny's Child and is the only new song that features on their forthcoming Love Songs album which is a collection of their ballads that featured on their studio and best of albums. It was produced by Parrell Williams and co-written by Michelle Williams. Their harmonies are still as lovely as ever though the base line sounds very old school R'n'B pop so it will be interesting to see how it does.

The full track listing for their Love Songs album is here.

PopLove 2012 - Robin Skouteris

At the beginning of each year it is always interesting to see which music artists and songs will dominate the year ahead in the worldwide singles charts. 2012 was absolutely a pop music year as various year end music mash up mixes and videos proved.
While there are several very talented mash up music producers one of the most inventive is still Robin Skouteris. Robin's mash up of the hit songs of 2012 is called PopLove 2012. The mix includes over 24 music artists and 30 different songs. It also features several songs from previous years including Love Today by Mika, Circus by Britney and Kiss by Prince. I always think Robin's mash ups sound like the various music artists were all in the studio together, the songs are always mixed together flawlessly. The video was also edited by Robin. I love how he features the audio of Lights by Ellie Goulding and uses just the visuals from her beautiful Anything is Possible video. 

Paperboy & Oh Brother - Two songs by Rebekka Karijord

Last June I discovered the song Paperboy by Rebekka Karijord. It was a song that I liked as soon as I heard it. The music video for Paperboy was a fan made one by Hannah Crofts and Amie Varney and I think it is a great tribute to the song.  Here it is again.

Next week Rebekka plays some concert dates in Ireland and the UK. Her concert dates and links for tickets are below.

Wednesday 16th: The Borderline in London.
Thursday 17th:  Ruby Lounge in Manchester.
Friday 18th:  Workman's Club here in Dublin.
Saturday 19th: King Tut's Wah Wah Club in Glasgow. 

Rebekka's second album is We Become Ourselves. Here is the song Oh Brother from that album which is by far the best song that I've heard recently.