Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Only Love Survives - Ryan Dolan

Only Love Survives by Ryan Dolan is the official Irish entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. Ryan both sounds and looks like a pop star and I know he will represent Ireland well in Sweden as he competes in the first semi final on May 14th for a place in the final on the 18th. Ryan is currently doing lots of publicity for the song here in Ireland. 

Ryan's website is here and he is on Twitter at @RyanDolanMusic

Five pop music parody videos by Joanna Ryde

One of my most favourite celebrities here in Ireland is Joanna Ryde. Joanna is based in Waterford where she has shows at Dignity every week. She is also a reporter for the radio station Beat 102-103 and some of her podcasts are here
Her parody videos of pop songs and other pop culture moments are always so witty and clever. I can never hear the original song again without thinking of Joanna's fab versions. 

Joanna's website is here and her Youtube page which features all her parody videos is here.

Here are five of my most favourite of her parody videos.

Pot Noodle:  M's Pop Muzik.

Bleeding Crazy - Carly's Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe

Aldi Vodka - Lady Gaga's Alejandro

Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (TGIF)

and one of her most recent parodies Horse Inside - The Rubberbandits Horse Outside

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Dead Heavys play The Village, Dublin on Friday 22nd February.

Everybody in the Nite by The Dead Heavys was one of my most favourite songs of 2012. It is one of those songs that was made for radio sounding retro and new at the same time. 
I'm delighted to hear that they play their showcase Dublin gig at The Village music venue in Wexford Street, Dublin on Friday 22nd February. Support is by The Casanova Wave and Yachtrock. There is always a great atmosphere at that venue especially with new bands and there is more information on the gig  here.

The Dead Heavys website is here and they are on Twitter @theDeadHeavys

Here is Everybody in the Nite.

and also a live performance of Talk Me Down.

The Long Way EP - Paradigms

Paradigms are Lee Ditcher and Steve J Beck who are based in Poole & Bournemouth in England. Their four track E.P. is called The Long Way and features the songs On My Mind, Hey Hey, They Said Tomorrow's Gonna be A Sunny Day and the title track The Long Way.  I think all four tracks are very strong with The Long Way being my favourite. 

Paradigms are on Twitter @Paradigmsband

Links to all four tracks are below and physical copies of the E.P. on CD can be purchased here

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sisters - Avan Lava

Here is another song by New York based music artists Avan Lava. Their song Sisters is absolutely smooth and beautiful dance music. The video is by Dan Gutt and the cinematography is by A Clint Litton and the two lead characters are played by Crystal Gwyn and Jessie Joe Monge Murphy. In just a day Avan Lava have become one of my favourite new music artists. I love TC's vocals and the flow of the production in this track.


All I Need- John Gibbons & Scimon Tist Featuring Rebecca Creighton

All I Need is the new single by Irish dance music artists John Gibbons & Scimon Tist. The vocalist is Rebecca Creighton who featured in X Factor in 2010 when she was a member of the girl group Belle Amie and has since last year been a solo recording artist.

All I Need was released at the end of January here in Ireland and has been a radio hit reaching number one on nightly radio chart updates. There is a great mix of music genres in Ireland these days and it's always great to hear new pop or dance music Irish music artists. I think All I Need is as strong as any dance song in the UK charts at the moment.

All I Need is available to download on ITunes here.