Saturday, January 26, 2013

Adele / Chris Issak / Felix / Madonna : Gamefall - Robin Skouteris Vs Consoul Trainin

Gamefall is the new mash up by Robin Skouteris Vs Consoul Trainin. It mixes Wicked Game by Chris Issak with Skyfall by Adele. It also features the Consoul Trainin Venue Mix of Skyfall, both the original and the Dirty South remix of Feels Like Home by Meek featuring Dino and Die Another Day by Madonna. The blend of the two Bond themes is so elegant and masterful. Robin really goes from strength to strength with each new mix and/or collaboration and this one with Consoul Trainin is one of his best yet.

Robin is on Twitter @RobinSkouteris and Consoul Trainin is @ConsoulTrainin

Here is a link to download Gamefall from Robin's Soundcloud page.

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