Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cut Copy Me - Petula Clark

Cut Copy Me is the new single by Petula Clark. It is such a beautiful song. I heard it on Popmusic today and they gave it a lovely review, mentioning the fragility of it and that is so true. It is almost like a song that you would associate with Kate Bush. Petula was 80 years old in November, her first single Put Your Shoes on Lucy was released in 1949 and in 1964 her most iconic song Downtown reached number 2 in the UK and Irish charts. It is one of those eternally perfect pop songs. That year Petula recorded versions of Downtown in French and Italian which were number ones in France and Italy. In 2011 she recorded Downtown with the Irish band The Sawdoctors and it once again reached number 2 in the Irish singles charts almost 50 years after it was first released.

Here is Cut Copy Me. It features on Petula's new album Lost in You which is released in February.

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