Monday, August 6, 2012

Unstoppable - Ayah Marar

Unstoppable is the new single by Ayah Marar. It is released on her own label Hussle Girl on August 26th. Ayah has to date worked with various music producers including Calvin Harris and Toddla T. She also featured on Follow U; her collaboration with Yogi on the Ministry of Sound label.

Unstoppable is released from her debut album Hussle Girl which is due out in September.

Ayah's website is here and her Twitter page is @AyahMarar 

Kiss Now (UKG Remix) - Artful "v" High Heels & Low Lifes

Mark Hill is also known as Artful the music artist and producer who was one half of Artful Dodger who had a big hit with Craig David with their song Re-Rewind. Artful has collaborated with High Heels & Low Lifes and the UKG mix of Kiss Me will be released on September 30th. 

High Heels & Low Lifes are indie/dance/pop duo Bekki and Mista Mee who are based in London. Over the past few months I have discovered many new music artists through fellow bloggers and through Twitter and social media and High Heels & Low lifes are one of my favourites. It only takes one track for them to make it big and I know their collaboration with Artful will raise their music profile especially in the UK and here in Ireland. A previous post on High Heels & Low Lifes from earlier this year on this blog is here.

A teaser of the UKG mix of Kiss Me was posted on line recently. Here it is.