Thursday, August 2, 2012

100 Cover Versions #81: Little Eye covers 'Part of Me' by Katy Perry

Scottish band Little Eye have several cover versions of well known singles chart songs on Youtube including songs by Rihanna and Paramore.  

Here is one that I really like. It's their version of Katy Perry's Part of Me which I prefer to the original now. It's so great to hear that beautiful Scottish accent in his singing voice.

I think I saw Little Eye on fellow pop blogger's Nick's Re-View Twitter page so thanks to Nick for that.

I Follow Rivers (The Magician Mix) - Lykke Li

I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li was released in 2011 and has already been number one in both the Belguim charts, Romania and Germany. It also recently got to number 19 here in Ireland. I'm sure it will eventually be a hit in the UK. Fellow blogger Enda wondered why I Follow Rivers was a hit in Ireland and a big part of the reason was that it was used as the background music in a montage of forthcoming TV shows for the summer season on our national station RTE.

I Follow Rivers features on Lykke Li's album Wounded Rhymes. Here is the totally addictive Magician remix.

Some Blue I Used To Know

Regular readers to this blog will know that I absolutely love the editing work of Panos T. He has recently being working with Mash Up Germany and one of their recent collaborations was called Some Blue I Used To Know.

I know the last song that most people want to hear is Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye in a song but it works so well in this mix.

The songs featured in the mash up are:
  • Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye (Kimbra had a day off)
  • Baker Street - Gerry Rafftery
  • Blue - Eiffel 65
  • It's a kind of Magic - Queen
  • Uprising - Muse
  • Live My Life - Far East Movement (Justin Bieber met Kimbra that day).
Panos T also mixes scenes from Back to the Future. The poster above is from the website and could have once been the poster used in foyers when the film was first released.

100 Cover Versions #80: Linda Ronstadt, Valerie Carter & Emmylou Harris cover 'After the Gold Rush'

In 1995 Linda Ronstadt covered After the Gold Rush by Neil Young on her album Feels like Home. The backing vocals and harmony on that song were by Valerie Carter and Emmylou Harris. In 1999 Linda and Emmylou recorded After the Gold Rush again with Dolly Parton for their album Trio II. I love that version but if you know it Dolly definitely sings lead vocal with Emmylou and Linda singing harmony backing vocals. Linda Ronstadt is another one of those singers who I could have featured a dozen or more of her songs. I have loved her voice since I was a child, there is an 'all with be well' quality in her singing, a comfort we turn to when we need music to do that. 

So even though I adore Dolly I want to feature a version of After The Gold Rush with Linda's vocals most prominent. You can also clearly hear Valerie's and Emmylou's beautiful voices so clearly.

Genevieve - Stealing Sheep

One of my favourite songs of the past year is Shut Eye by Stealing Sheep. It was the first single release from their forthcoming album Into the Diamond Sun. The follow up single is the equally lovely song Genevieve which is released on download and limited edition 7" vinyl on August 13th in the UK. 

Fade 2 Forever EP - Le Galaxie

Le Galaxie recently released their five track EP Fade 2 Forever. The five tracks on the EP are Love System (featuring Elaine Mai), Heart 2 Heart, The Nightcaller (featuring Laura Smyth), Heat City and Gotta Go.

Here are two of those songs.

The first is Love System featuring Elaine Mai.

and the second is a live performance of The Nightcaller featuring Laura Smyth.

If you live in Dublin Le Galaxie play a DJ set at the Mother club night on Saturday 11th August.

Their Fade 2 Forever EP is available to buy on ITunes here.

Everybody in the Nite - The Dead Heavys

Here's a song that was recommended to me through Twitter yesterday. It's Everybody in the Nite by the Irish band The Dead Heavys. I liked this song straight away. It's has a definite 1970s rock influence which is such a classic sound.  

There so many different genres of music in Ireland now. We are renowned for our pop acts and singer songwriters but I love hearing international influences from past decades in new music too. 

The Dead Heavys play the Spraoi festival in Waterford on August 4th, The Indiependence Festival in Mitchelltown, Cork on the 5th and Shortts in Waterford on August 11th.

They are on Twitter at @TheDeadHeavys

Thanks to Margaret O'Brien for posting link to the song on her Twitter page @MargaretWriting