Saturday, July 21, 2012

Madonna sings 'Bad Girl' on Saturday Night Live in 1993

This coming Tuesday I will see Madonna in concert for the second time in my life when she plays the Aviva stadium here in Dublin. It is a huge venue and the atmosphere should be great. I am going to see her with my sister Jane and her boyfriend. This summer I will have been to concerts with both my sisters so that is very special.

One of my favourite songs by Madonna is Bad Girl from her 1992 Erotica album. It was written  and produced by Madonna and Shep Pettibone. In 1993 it got to number 10 in the UK singles charts and was a top 3 hit in Italy. The video is also one of my favourites too. It was directed by David Fincher who had also directed the videos for Express Yourself, Vogue, Oh Father. They really are four of the most iconic videos of her career.

The photograph above is by Steven Meisel and was the poster that was included with the 12" disc of Bad Girl

To date Madonna has only sung Bad Girl live once. It was on Saturday Night Live. I had never seen this performance until today so as ever thank you to the person who posted it on Youtube. What is great about Saturday Night Live is that the guests sing live. the performance is so simple, just her and her band and a black background. Just Madonna singing a ballad.

Here also is the video for Bad Girl.

Glory Days - Karima Francis

I absolutely love this song. It's Glory Days by Karima Francis who is from Blackpool in England. Her debut album The Author was released in 2009 to great acclaim and Glory Days features on her second album The Remedy which is released in August. 

Out of The Game - Rufus Wainwright

Out of The Game was the first single release from Rufus Wainwright's seventh studio album of the same name. It has a country vibe that works so well with his voice. The lyrics of Out of the Game are wonderfully wry too with Rufus writing and singing about the younger generation. The lyrics could apply to anyone who is older and been there, done that but I think they really strike a note with gay men on the scene and how the social history of gay culture just repeats itself decade after decade.

The video is very interesting. Rufus plays three different characters in it but it's impossible for the focus not to be on Helena Bonham Carter who is super in it.

Household Goods - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Household Goods by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is due to be re-released on August 20th in the UK. It was one of several songs and EPs released from the Trouble album which was released in June.

Blue - First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit are Johanna and Klara Soderberg. They are from Sweden where lots of good music comes from. I hadn't heard of them until my brother Mike told me about them recently. My brother is an artist but I think he would make a pretty good radio presenter too. 

First Aid Kit's latest album is The Lion's Roar and their new singles is Blue

Baby, Come Home - Scissor Sisters

Baby Come Home is the second single from Scissor Sisters' album Magic Hour.  The song is nicely 70s and is a real feel good follow up to Only the Horses. Baby Come Home was released on download on Friday here in Ireland and on Sunday in the UK. 

The video which is directed by Lorenzo Fonda has been on line for a few weeks now and is wonderfully inventive. Jake has been watching Querelle recently too by the looks of it. 

Here is a video with the band talking about the video. It also features Del Marquis in shorts which is always a good thing.

100 Cover Versions #73: Alfie Boe & Melanie C cover 'Come what May'

Come What May featured in the Baz Luhrmann's film Moulin Rogue in 2001 and was performed  in the film by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. It was originally written by David Baerwald for the soundtrack of the film Romeo & Juliet and was re-written and used in Moulin Rogue instead. I couldn't imagine that film without that song now. It was also released on single and got to number 10 in the Australian ARIA singles charts and number 27 in the UK. 

Alfie Boe recorded Come What May for his Bring Him Home album and the guest vocalist on his cover version was Kerry Ellis. When Alfie played at the Royal Albert Hall in London as part of the Bring Him Home tour the concert was recorded for video and the guest vocalist was Melanie Chisholm. Since the Spice Girls Melanie has had a great and successful career on stage appearing in Blood Brothers and will play Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar
In September she releases her latest album Stages which includes her covers of songs such as I Don't Know How to Love Him which features in Jesus Christ Superstar, Maybe This Time, Both Sides Now and I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself. I love the idea of Melanie C singing songs made famous by Joni Mitchell, Liza Minnelli and Dusty Springfield. Stages will also include Melanie's cover of I Know Him so Well with fellow Spice girl Emma Bunton.

I think Melanie has gotten more beautiful as she grows older as the cover for Stages below shows.

Here is Melanie with Alfie Boe singing Come What May. She really has that grace and elegance that is so important for a great stage career. This post is for my favourite Melanie C fan; David McDonagh. 

George Michael interviewed by Debbie Ryan on Gaydar Radio

George Michael was interviewed on Gaydar radio recently. It was a surprise for Debbie Ryan by her co-host Neil Sexton. The in studio video features Debbie's reaction before and after the interview starts. After her initial reaction Debbie seems to have composed herself quickly with all the questions ready! A true professional! I wasn't familiar with the show before hearing the interview and Debbie is very funny and likeable in the way Liza Tarbuck and Miranda Hart are. 

I love when George is interviewed. He is so relaxed and open about both his own life and his music. He talks about the White Light video, going back on tour, working on his new album, his fans and going out clubbing in London.

Open Your Eyes - Keith O'Brien

Open Your Eyes is the new single by Keith O'Brien who is a singer/songwriter from Glasnevin here in Dublin. Ireland has so many singer/songwriters but this song really stood out for me when I heard it for the first time this week. Open Your Eyes is currently in the Irish singles chart and is sure to climb much higher as it is definitely the kind of song that Irish radio loves. His voice is very like David Gray and the style of song draws on other similar influences but if singers like Ed Sheeran can do well world wide I don't see why this can't too.