Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If I Can't Have You (Disco Boys Remix) - Bee Gees

If I Can't Have You is today one of the most well known songs from the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever when it was sung by Yvonne Elliman. It is without doubt one of the most classic songs of the disco era. It was originally released as the b-side to Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees. I love so many of the songs from the charts of this decade but the fact that a song like If I Can't Have You  was first released as a b-side really says so much! 

The many songs are the Bee Gees were perfect pop songs, disco songs and love songs. The extended remixes of their songs really did just that, they extended songs that were already perfect. I remember hearing the original extended remix of Stayin' Alive for the first time a few years ago and just being amazed at how wonderfully new and exciting it sounded all these years later.

A remix of a Bee Gees song by another remixer or producer has to extremely faithful to the original and one remix that does that is the Disco Boys remix of If I Can't Have You by the Bee Gees themselves. The chorus; "If I can't have you, I don't want nobody baby" is so simple but so direct.  Ever since I was a child I always thought that line stood out; there is that chill there in the lyrics that some disco songs did so well. The Disco Boys remix simply builds on that element, that edge.

Here is the Disco Boys remix of If I Can't Have You.

Skirts - The Other Tribe

The Other Tribe are from Bristol and their song Skirts is one of the best new songs I've heard in a good while. It's been out a few months but I'm only discovering it now. It is released on Black Butter records who also have Rudimental and John Newman on their label who are still in the UK singles charts top 10 with Feel The Love. MNEK and Jessie Ware are also on that label. That's the music the singles charts needs!

Spirit Indestructible - Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado has released the official new music video for her new single Spirit Indestructible. I much prefer this song to her previous single Big Hoops (Bigger the Better) which was a UK top 20 singles chart hit recently. It is the second single released from her forthcoming album The Spirit Indestructible whose cover art is pictured above.

The official music video for Spirit Indestructible is beautiful but it is also very different to the song's previous  lyric video which used the theme of the song in a very inspiring way with footage of Nelly's friend Spencer West's climb of Mount Kilimanjaro which he had participated in to raise awareness and financial support for clean water projects in Africa.
Almost all major music artists use lyric videos to promote a song before the official video is released and most are exactly that; just lyrics on a screen but the Spirit Indestructible lyric video had stood out for using visuals that were genuinely about the greatness of the human spirit and one individual so I guess fans were expecting a mix of that lyric video with or without Nelly in the official video. I think lyric videos become our first impression in a visual way of a song nowadays so if I choose a video I liked more I would choose the one with Spencer as it completely sums up the message of the song. On Nelly's Youtube page she writes about the song and video and Spencer is also quoted talking about the song so click here to read his own words too.  

Here are both videos. The first is the lyric video for Spirit Indestructible.

and here is the official video.