Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ane Brun in Concert, Vicar Street, Dublin, April 27th.

Last night I went to see Ane Brun in concert in Dublin's Vicar street music venue. I had seen her play in Whelan's in 2011 and her Dublin concert was one of the first dates in her latest tour which began in Stockholm recently. Ane Brun has become one of my most favourite female vocalists in a short space of time. There was a different atmosphere in Vicar Street as at her Whelan's gig the tiny stage was completely full with the many musical instruments of her band and the venue was completely packed out. In Vicar Street her concert was fully seated so it was a different space., at times it reminded me of seeing a play that was a concert in its entirety. Each song was a little event in itself. The band had two drum sets, a keyboard, xylophone and various guitars, many of which Ane played herself. A material background on the stage captured the lighting all through the evening and strings of lightblubs and a few small floodlights faced the crowd creating a video atmosphere at times. 
Linnea Olsson was her support artist who I would go see in concert if she played a solo concert.  She played her cello with recorded backing music, I would love to see play her own songs with a full band some day. She performed several songs from her Ah album and a very unique cover of Sex Object by Kraftwerk. 
Vicar Street was a perfect venue for Ane Brun. The sound was the best I have heard there in a long time so the mix of her dramatic and more delicate songs was well balanced. I had only heard songs like The Puzzle, This Voice and To Let Myself Go for the first time at her 2011 concert in Whelans and they sounded even better on this tour. Her newest album It All Starts With One is very strong and has several standout songs such as Worship, Do You Remember and These Days all of which sounded wonderful live in concert
One of the sweetest moments during the concert was when she sang Do You Remember which is perhaps one of her most danceable songs and one by one people stood up out of the audience and started to dance. I realised that many Irish music fans are still a bit inhibited when it comes to dancing at a seated concert but it was a song that people simply reacted too. James Vincent McMorrow was a surprise guest vocalist and it was really something to see these two music artists on stage together.

Ane has so many beautiful songs, many of which that she admits are about 'different kinds of love'.  Here is just one which she sung near the end of the concert. It is from her current album It All Starts With One.

This is Undertow

Three Covers

Here are three cover versions of Michael Jackson songs. They are all sung acapella by The CMMJMusic. They really are some of the most respectful cover versions that I have heard. On first listening to them I thought that were by a young male vocalist but they are by a woman which I think makes them even more amazing in that she has managed to retain Michael's voice within her own style. I'm not even sure of the vocalist's name and she hasn't posted anything since December but hopefully there will be more songs covered too.

The first song is Cry

The second song is Leave Me Alone

and the third song is Stranger in Moscow

If Superfriends really were Friends

Here's another cleverly edited video that has been on line for a few years now. In the 1970s there was a Saturday morning cartoon show called Superfriends which featured the DC comic characters that are now better known as the main characters in the Justice League of America. They included Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. 

Here's a clip from a 1973 episode

The clip below uses video clips from the Superfriends cartoon with audio clips from the Friends TV show so Superman is voiced by Ross, Wonder Woman is voiced by Monica and so on. The funniest is who is voiced by Rachel.

Star Wars / Dallas Opening Credits

Star Wars has often been described as a 'soap opera in space' so someone must have been thinking along those lines when he put together a brilliantly edited clip featuring the main characters from the original Star Wars film using the Dallas TV show music and it's opening credits style. It also uses scenes from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. I saw this on the Irish satire website here the other day. The clip has been on line since March 2009. 

Kalleanka71 who created it has made other Star Wars montage clips using music and styles from other TV shows as well such as Airwolf and The A Team so click on the link to his Youtube page if you want to check them out too. There is also a Toy Story / Dallas montage which you can see here too. 

I Was Dreaming like a Texan Girl: The Sophie Muller Videos for Eurythmics Savage Video Album

In the history of pop music two of the all time most creative music artists have to be Dave A. Stewart and Annie Lennox of Eurythmics. Each of their album releases was an event and artistic expression. Throughout the 1980s especially when the video image was all important Eurythmics made their legacy in pop music an artform. 

In 1987 Eurythmics released their album Savage which is said to be their own personal favourite of all of their albums throughout their long music career. There were four singles released from the album. My own favourite single is You Have Placed a Chill in my Heart. 
Every song on the album also had it's own video made for it. All of those videos were directed by Sophie Muller. Since 1987 Sophie Muller has directed many music videos for a wide variety of music artists including Stay by Shakespeare's Sister, all of the videos for Annie Lennox's Diva album, Don't Speak by No Doubt and Not Ready to Make Nice by the Dixie Chicks. Her most recent work in 2011 includes videos by Cheryl Cole, Birdy and Noah and the Whale. 

Both Annie and Dave have Twitter pages. Annie's is @AnnieLennox and Dave's is @DaveStewart There is also a fantastic Ultimate Eurythmics page at @eurythmicsultim

Here are some of the videos for the Savage album which were all directed by Sophie Muller. I've selected both single releases and album tracks. Each of the videos features Annie playing a character with various personalities. 

The first is an introduction to the Savage video album project which was released in 1988

The second is You Have Placed a Chill in my Heart

The third is I Got A Lover (Back in Japan)

The fourth is Do You Want to Break Up

and the fifth is my favourite video; Beethoven (I love to Listen to)