Friday, September 28, 2012

Two Songs from Roísín O's new album 'The Secret Life of Blue'

One of the best new female singers that I heard over the past year or two is Roísín O. I have seen her play as support artist in both Vicar Street and the Olympia music venues here in Dublin and each time she was super. Her own songs are lovely as are her choice of covers. She has released her new album which is called The Secret Life Of Blue and it was great to see her album featured prominently in Tower Records yesterday. If you live in Ireland her album is also on sale in HMV, Golden Discs and Celtic Note as well as on download through ITunes.

She has played several solo gigs in the past in venues in Dublin and in October and into November she goes on tour throughout Ireland promoting her new album.

The tour dates are:
  • Friday October 19th - Cyprus Avenue, Cork.
  • Sunday October 21st Dolan's Limerick
  • Thursday October 25th John Daly's Mullingar
  • Saturday November 3rd Monroe's Galway
Her website is and her Twitter page is @RoisinOMusic

Here are two songs from The Secret Life Of Blue album.

Here is How Long.

and the second song is Here We Go.

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