Thursday, September 27, 2012

Songs by Irish Music Artists: 'November November' - Auto Da Fe

Most of the songs that I feature on this blog are mainly American, British or international music artists. That fact got me thinking which songs by Irish music artists do I like the most. Back in the 1980s I was far more interested in Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson than U2 or The Pogues and I still am today. There are of course several songs by Irish music artists that I love and I want to feature some of them through my blog.

The first song is November November by Auto De Fe which was released in 1982. 30 years ago! I can still remember hearing it on the radio. The beautiful vocalist on the song was Gay Woods who is pictured on the single cover above. November November always reminded me of a song that Barbra Dickson or Maggie Reilly could also have sang but I loved knowing it had an Irish connection. The band were formed in Holland but have always had irish connections.

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