Thursday, August 2, 2012

Everybody in the Nite - The Dead Heavys

Here's a song that was recommended to me through Twitter yesterday. It's Everybody in the Nite by the Irish band The Dead Heavys. I liked this song straight away. It's has a definite 1970s rock influence which is such a classic sound.  

There so many different genres of music in Ireland now. We are renowned for our pop acts and singer songwriters but I love hearing international influences from past decades in new music too. 

The Dead Heavys play the Spraoi festival in Waterford on August 4th, The Indiependence Festival in Mitchelltown, Cork on the 5th and Shortts in Waterford on August 11th.

They are on Twitter at @TheDeadHeavys

Thanks to Margaret O'Brien for posting link to the song on her Twitter page @MargaretWriting

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