Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wings - Little Mix

Little Mix have released a lyric video for their forthcoming new single Wings. It is instantly likeable pop. What I like about it is that it is pop without the crudeness. Apart from the very mild 'and if they give you shhh...' there is nothing crude in the lyrics of the song. It follows recent trends in pop lyrics that focus on thinking positive. It's obvious that all of the negativity that was directed at Jesy throughout the live X Factor shows through social networking sites has been turned around and made into a definite confident pop hit. Ever since girl groups like the Spice Girls and All Saints reinforced being positive role models for pop fans that message of girl power and overcoming the haters has been a big part of pop lyrics. I think Stronger by Sugababes is also a good example of songs like that.

Wings is a song that doesn't even need a remix to do well. I can easily see it being a hit in the US especially with the recent success of British and Irish pop acts in the Billboard Hot 100.

Do read this review by Nick on his pop blog The Re-View. I love the way he writes on pop. 

Wings is released on August 20th here in Ireland and on the 22nd in the UK.

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