Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let's Have a Kiki - Scissor Sisters

Let's Have a Kiki by Scissor Sisters features on their new album Magic Hour.  This week they released an 'instructional video' for Let's Have a Kiki. It's a fabulous lyric video which introduces Ana Matronic taking centre stage as the video begins and then the rest of the band all feature. Jake dances and Babydaddy and Del Marquis both look as handsome as ever. The choreography is by Brad Landers and the video is directed by Scissor Sisters, Aimee Phillips and Vern Moen.

There was also a fan made video for Let's Have a Kiki created by Videdrome Discotheque which features a wonderful montage of dozens of images from gay pop culture.

Here are both videos. First Videodrome Discotheque's.

and here is Scissor Sisters own video.

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