Sunday, June 3, 2012

James Vincent's guitar

Over the past few months James Vincent McMorrow has become one of my most favourite new singers. Tomorrow evening, this bank holiday Monday he will be one of the headliners at the Forbidden Fruit music festival here in Dublin. During his set my brother Mike will be on stage adding the finishing touches to a plush doll that he made of James Vincent. At the end of the set the completed doll will be thrown into the audience to some lucky person. Today Mike put a photo of the guitar he made for the James Vincent doll on his own website which you can see above. 

Just a few months ago James Vincent saw some of my brother's art at a market in Dublin. He sent Mike a tweet and my brother said he would love to do some work with him and tomorrow evening is the result of that idea. I think there's something so great and today in that story. That project is just one of the many great and inventive things that my brother is working on at the moment. He puts his heart into everything he does so I know he will do well. I am so very proud of him with every success that he has.

Here is my favourite song by James Vincent McMorrow. This is From The Woods. I think the later part of this song is just amazing, pure and utter emotion.

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