Sunday, June 10, 2012

High Heels & Low Lifes

A few months ago I discovered new music by a duo called High Heels & Low Lifes through Twitter. I think pop blogger Paul had a link to them on his Fizzypop Twitter page so thanks to him. The first song by High Heels & Low Lifes that I heard was Who Cares Anyway which is pure pop fun and is very catchy indeed.

Here's the video for Who Cares Anyway.

One of the best things about following a new pop act through Twitter is that you get to see the development of a new song from the initial news about it being recorded in studio or seeing still shots from the day of the video's production. That happened recently when Mista Mee and Bekki filmed the video for their newest song Daydreamer. The video was released on June 1st and I think the song is their best to date. The mix of Bekki's singing and Mista Mee's rap blend perfectly in the production. I still believe that with any pop song you have to like it within the first few seconds. It has to stick in your head, you have to imagine it hearing on the radio. You simply have to believe in them as pop stars and that's what Bekki and Mista Mee are now. I think it is only a matter of time before High Heels & Low Lifes will be in the charts and it is very exciting to follow their progress.

Their Facebook page is here and their Twitter page is @HiHeels_LoLifes 

Here is their new single Daydreamer by High Heels & Low Lifes which will be released on download through the Red Dragon Records Label on July 1st.

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