Saturday, June 30, 2012

Heart's a Mess - Gotye

One person whose recommendations that I always know will be good is Enda Guinan. When I first started blogging there weren't that many Irish people blogging about pop. There were several who wrote about indie or new Irish bands but not many who wrote about pop and dance music from other countries. It was Enda who first brought songs like With Every Heartbeat by Robyn featuring Kleerup and We Are The People by Empire of the Sun to my attention. Last year when the bookshop I worked in here in Dublin closed down Brian one of the guys that  I worked with used to play We Are The People while we all packed up the books in the last days of our jobs. I always think of that time and the great people i worked with when I hear that song now.

One of the most lovely songs that I remember Enda recommending long before anyone else did was Heart's a Mess by Gotye back in 2006. It was taken from his album Like Drawing Blood
Now in 2012 Gotye could retire on the strength of the worldwide sales of Somebody That I Used To Know but when I hear Heart's a Mess I know he should not be just a one hit wonder.

Here's Heart's a Mess and it has a great video too. No body paint or Kimbra!

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