Thursday, June 21, 2012

100 Cover Versions #47: Pretenders cover 'I Go To Sleep' by The Kinks

On listening to the various cover versions on this list through Youtube I found the cover of I Go To Sleep by Sia. It has over the past few years become one of her signature songs but I had never heard it until yesterday. I always find the comment threads on a Youtube video interesting. Many younger music fans just think of I Go To Sleep as a song by her and that it is the only version. 
My own personal version is by Pretenders. When I was a teenager in the 1980s I never knew that  I Go To Sleep was originally recorded by The Kinks. For me the Pretenders version was the only version so I think that songs and versions of them become a generational thing. The more I listen to Sia's version the more I like it. While her 2011-2012 hits Titanium and Wild Ones are great pop songs that represent now I hope Sia's own voice and her own kind of music becomes in time what she is most well known for.

So here first is  Pretenders and I Go To Sleep which is not only one of most favourite cover versions but is also one of my all time favourite songs. It has a hypnotic quality, music that always makes me think of winter and Russia.

and here also is the original video for I Go To Sleep.

Here is Sia and her live in concert version.

and here is the very beautiful original version by The Kinks which was first recorded in 1965. Older than me!

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