Sunday, June 3, 2012

100 Cover Versions #23: Girls Aloud cover 'With Every Heartbeat' by Robyn with Kleerup

With Every Heartbeat by Robyn with Kleerup is really a modern pop classic. Robyn has gone on to make great pop singles since that song's release but for many pop fans With Every Heartbeat will always be one of her greatest  and most iconic moments in music.

I have always loved the songs that Girls Aloud choose to cover. I don't just mean their singles such as their big hit singles Jump (For My love) and See the Day but more so the songs that were b-sides or rare tracks. They covered With Every Heartbeat for BBC Radio's 1's Live Lounge and they also performed it on their Tangled Up world tour.

Here is a live performance from that tour of With Every Heartbeat. I love that they all sing separately and especially that Nicola sings first. Nadine goes a bit powerhouse but that's what she did so well. 

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