Friday, April 6, 2012

Only The Horses

One of the best concerts that I was ever at was when I saw Scissor Sisters play in The Village here in Dublin in 2003. It was an electric night. There is always something amazing about seeing music artists at the very beginning of their fame. I also saw Robyn with Kleerup as support artists play a concert at The Village and that gig also had the same atmosphere. It felt like being in a video. 

Scissor Sisters's newest single is called Only The Horses and is one of their most poppiest songs to date. It's produced by Calvin Harris and Alex Ridha and is out on download in May. They haven't had a hit single since Fire with Fire but this has to a success.  

Thanks to We Are Pop Slags website for posting the link to Only The Horses today. Their Twitter is @PopSlags

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