Saturday, April 7, 2012

David's Daily Dramas

I have been lucky to have seen so many of my most favourite pop music artists in concert. There are, of course, many  concerts or tours that I never got to see over the years. However, whenever David McDonagh writes about seeing someone he loves in concert on his blog David's Daily Dramas I often feel I am there too through the way he writes. He lives in lovely Brighton and he goes to see concerts there, in London and often much further afield such as the ones he saw in Cardiff, Manchester or America. David always writes about music from the heart. In the 80s I didn't know any other pop fans so all of the blogs that I write myself and the ones I read on other people's sites such as David's are a way of reconnecting and reinventing that time for myself.

This week David is the person that I would recommend to follow through his blog and Twitter. His website is David's Daily Dramas and his Twitter page is here.

Here are three songs for David. 

The first is the icon that we both love the most, our Lady.

The second is Each and Everyone by Everything But The Girl.

and the third song is David's other favourite superstar; Melanie C and  Northern Star.


David said...

Thank you and what a cracking selection of songs, great to see you back here x

Unknown said...

Thank you David, 3 classics for u, hope you r feeling better, D