Thursday, March 29, 2012

From Airport 1975 to Airplane!

Listening to Last.FM's library I often find songs that I haven't heard in years. One song I heard today was the 1970's hit Angie Baby by Helen Reddy. Then I remembered that she was in one of the Airplane! films. I watched the clip of it on Youtube where Helen Reddy playing the character of Sister Ruth serenades the  sick child character Janice who was played by Linda Blair (she was never well in the movies!) and then the song was over and nothing had happened and I thought had I imagined it! But shame on me! I had my movies mixed up; the scene was from Airport 1975 and it was later parodied in Airplane!

Only in airplane disaster genre movies are nuns called Sister Ruth. 

Here's the scene featuring Helen Reddy and Linda Blair from Airport 75. As you can see the other plane hasn't hit the jumbo jet at this tranquil stage.

and here's the parody from Airplane!

and also the great 70s song Angie Baby by Helen Reddy

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