Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fizzy Pop

One of the first pop music bloggers that I started following on line was Paul whose blog; My Fizzy Pop is easily one of the most read and loved pop music websites. He shares the same interest in the genre of pop that I most like. He has always championed new music acts often long before some of them become well known. 

Paul is also blogging about the UK version of The Voice at the moment and those posts are just as entertaining as his fabulous X Factor write ups which are often better than the real thing. His latest post is here.

Paul is someone who completely believes in the pop that he loves. I'm sure, like me, a day without a few pop songs is not a proper day at all!

Here are three songs for you Paul.

The first is Release Me which is my favourite Wilson Phillips song.

the second is from the history books of CD:UK. A blog on Steps by Paul can be read here.

and the third is Miss Sonia Evans and Listen To Your Heart. Paul's fabulous recent blog on the forthcoming PWL Hit Factory concert in Hyde Park in London can be read  here.

From Airport 1975 to Airplane!

Listening to Last.FM's library I often find songs that I haven't heard in years. One song I heard today was the 1970's hit Angie Baby by Helen Reddy. Then I remembered that she was in one of the Airplane! films. I watched the clip of it on Youtube where Helen Reddy playing the character of Sister Ruth serenades the  sick child character Janice who was played by Linda Blair (she was never well in the movies!) and then the song was over and nothing had happened and I thought had I imagined it! But shame on me! I had my movies mixed up; the scene was from Airport 1975 and it was later parodied in Airplane!

Only in airplane disaster genre movies are nuns called Sister Ruth. 

Here's the scene featuring Helen Reddy and Linda Blair from Airport 75. As you can see the other plane hasn't hit the jumbo jet at this tranquil stage.

and here's the parody from Airplane!

and also the great 70s song Angie Baby by Helen Reddy

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Deon Estus


One of the best things about Twitter is when you get a Tweet back from a music artist who you have always liked. Some celebrities are even better when they follow their fans back. As a thank you I want to do a post on each of the music stars who have followed me on Twitter over the past few months. The first one has to be about Deon Estus.

Many months ago I started posting about songs I love from the 80s. One song that I posted was Heaven Help Me, the beautiful soulful 1989 top ten Billboard hit by Deon Estus. Writing that post I never thought that the man himself would read it and post it on his own Twitter page. Deon follows many of his fans and interacts with them regularly. For me, that is what makes a true music star. 
Deon was the bass player and backing singer on Wham!'s albums and tours and also featured on George Michael's Faith album and tour but his own solo songs from his debut album Spell onwards are also exactly the kind of r'n'b pop genre that I love. I genuinely mean it that Heaven Help Me is the kind of song that I will always love. For me it captures the mood of the music that was in the charts in the late 1980s and continued throughout the following decades. 

Deon does more than promote his music and creative talent on Twitter as he regularly is involved in charity and good work causes through the medium of social networking. So thank you so much Deon. I know each and everyone of your fans love the appreciation you return to us.

Here are four songs by Deon. The first is Heaven Help Me.

The second is a remix of Me or the Rumours. It is remixed by Jon 'Jellybean' Benitez which makes it even more fabulous!

The third is a joyful live in concert at Wembley stadium video where he sings a cover version of the great Len Barry song 1-2-3 with George Michael 

and the fourth  is a newer song, the beautiful Only Love Is Real.

80s Music Girl

My first Twitter account was meant to be just about 1980s pop music which as anyone who knows me is my most favourite era of pop music. Then I decided to just be myself and I just post on my own name on Twitter now. Many of the lovely people who followed my tweets and ramblings on my 80s music page have followed me still so thank you if any are reading this post. One of the first people to follow me on Twitter last Autumn was Rosemarie Fullerton or @80sMusicGirl. She likes so many of the music artists that I like.   With social networking we interact with people who we have never met and may never but their personality is there and I definitely think that through blogging, Facebook and Twitter we now have another group of on-line friends. Rosemarie has many followers on Twitter and she always seems to appreciates every re-tweet or comment that people post. She has a blog called 80s Music and More and each day she posts her own online newspaper Knowledge is Power. I never do the whole favourite followers or whatever #FF stands for so instead every now and again I will do a little individual blog on people I would v happily recommend to follow on Twitter and Rosemarie is one of the first.

I know she is a big Limahl fan so here's his most famous solo single The Neverending Story.

I know she also loves Alan Cumming so here's a video of him singing a montage of  songs by Adele, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry in a club recently.