Thursday, June 23, 2011


I went to see the v mental movie Kaboom this evening. It should win an award for best use of colour in a film. The cast are all gorgeous and Juno Temple, pictured above is the best thing in it. The lead character loves the band Explosions in the Sky and I smiled to myself thinking I know I am older when I heard of the band (my brother likes them) but I do not know one song from them.

Here's some music from the movie. This is Airiel and In Your Room 

Oh Land!

Oh Land seems to be releasing Sun Of A Gun as a single properly. I featured it on this blog a few months ago so here it is again because I think it is v super indeed.


Here's one more as heard on Popjustice posts. It's Yellow the newest song, ie this week's, from CocknBullKid. Her name is a word I think I'm using as much as favourite on this blog. She's not having hit singles but she's not giving up. Trooper!


Back to pop! Here's Florrie and the v nice I Took A Little Something. Popjustice likes her too.

Update: I've now listened to this song three times and, yes that's right dear readers, I love it!

Vicci Martinez

Vicci Martinez is one of the contestants on the TV show The Voice. Here's her version of Jolene which is a new entry on the Billboard hot 100 at number 76 this week.