Friday, March 18, 2011

Old school from Nelly & Kelly

Nelly and Kelly Rowland had one of the biggest hits of their respective careers when they collaborated on the song Dilemma. That song is nine years old already! They have reunited for their newest single Gone which isn't a million miles different from Dilemma. That isn't a bad thing. .


The new single from Jennifer Hudson is called Where you At. It's the lead single from her second album I Remember Me. It's charted this week at number 96 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart and hopefully will go a lot higher.

Even Just For A Day

Two from Beyonce. The first is when George Michael joined her on stage in the O2 in London during her world tour to sing her song If I Was A Boy. The audio isn't the best but how amazing for the London audience to see these superstars sing together.
The second is when Beyonce, Pink, Britney (and Enrique too) made a soft drinks commercial in ancient Rome. It was pre-Spartacus thankfully.