Monday, January 10, 2011

To New Zealand

My friend Connell was home at Christmas. For over a year he has been living and working in New Zealand. We used to go to lots of concerts here in Dublin and of all of the people I've met while living in Dublin he is the person who most shares my love of pop music. Connell told me that there is some great pop in New Zealand and he recommended several singers and groups for me to look up on youtube. I'm going to post a couple of those songs over the next few weeks. The two songs that I liked the most were by the same group, The Naked and Famous. That name should increase my traffic! The first song young Blood was a number one in the New Zealand chart last summer and the second song Punching in a Dream got to number 11. They are both featured on their album Passive Me, Agressive you.
Here's young Blood. and Punching in a Dream.

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