Monday, January 10, 2011

Britney's Back!

And so into 2011! Matt Cardle's When We Collide is down to number 2 in the UK and the second number one of the year is Rihanna featuring Drake with What's My Name?. I hate that song with a passion or specifically the chorus. Next Sunday's number one should be Bruno Mars and Grenade. The most blogged song this week however will be Britney's latest comeback single Hold It Against Me. Listening to the chorus I think Dr. Hook should get a few dollars for the lyric. This is going to be a song where all the critics and bloggers will be out in force but I like it, it's old fashioned Britney pop and nowt wrong with that. It's catchy and simple which is essential for pop. Hold It Against Me was released on the net a day early and it has also made me (and thousands others) sign up to Sound Cloud. I've never used that site before and the first song posted has already been taken down so here's the second posting now which I'm sure will be gone by tomorrow! Back to youtube! Britney Spears - Hold it against me by jimevivaldo

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