Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rolling In The Deep

A few weeks ago I heard a song on the radio that I just thought wow! I knew the singer but couldn't place her name. It was Adele and the song was her new single Rolling In the Deep. It has to be one of the biggest songs of the new year. I know it's been featured on a million blogs but these days I'm regarding my own blog as a kind of diary where I can look back on a month or a year and see what music or specific songs I liked at the time.
It has taken me a long time to warm to Adele as a singer and star. I thought she was painful when she was on the Brits at the start of her career but of course she was so young and the pressure of being 'the next great singer' in the UK must have been something that few stars do well.
I think Adele owes a lot to Gamu singing Make you feel My Love on X Factor last Autumn and giving her a hit all over again without trying. I wonder if singers auditioning on next year's show will be told to sing certain songs to bring them to the public's attention. Nothing would surprise me if that were to happen at the audition stage. I hope Adele's forthcoming album, 21, is just as good as the lead single. Here's Rolling In The Deep which is released on the 16th of January on download and the next day on CD single.