Monday, December 20, 2010

Here I Go, Once Again...

The first albums that I owned as a child in the 1970's were the soundtrack to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and The Muppet Show album. The best thing about The Muppet Show was the characters themselves. The second best thing was the guest stars. As the show became more popular the guest stars became more famous. Over the next two weeks I'm going to post some of those guest appearances. The first is by the gorgeous Crystal Gayle and her perfect country song River Road.

The Wisdom of Linus

What do we associate our memories of Christmas with? For me television plays a big part of remembering moments of Christmas past. I remember seeing the Star Wars Christmas special as it played in the background of a relation's house, various Top of the Pops Christmas specials and cartoons such as Garfield and Charlie Brown. Of course back then I thought Charlie Brown was all about Snoopy and the human characters were all secondary characters. I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas again a few years ago and realised that it was aimed at a wide audience of both adults and children, something that Pixar tries to do with their films in cinema. It is pure philosophy such as the clip below featuring Charlie and Linus. I love the character of Linus, how he sucks his thumb when he's probably too old to do so but dosen't care. That was me! The colour in the animation makes you a child again and at Christmas I think that's what everyone needs to be.

Strawberry Letter # 23

More snow here in Dublin. The city is covered in snow again and it was like being in Moscow this evening. I visited my brother this evening at the place where he draws his art and met some of his very sound friends. One of the guys was playing some good music and here's one of those songs. From 1977 this is Brothers Johnson and Strawberry Letter # 23.