Monday, November 29, 2010


Here is song number two in my songs of Christmas. From 1967 (older than me!) this is Barbra and I Wonder as I Wander which is taken from A Christmas Album. I'm sure a couple of readers here own that album already but if you want to add a truly gorgeous and classic Christmas album to your collection it's a perfect one.

The V Fab Miss Solomon

In my television theory class one evening we were talking about reality TV. Our lecturer said he didn't really understand why so many people liked shows such as X Factor and he asked if any of us watched it. I said I did and then said that it was the only show that I watched on TV. I felt a right moron I can tell you! What I meant to say was with work, classes at night, project work, feeling guilty about not doing project work and trying to maintain some kind of social life I watched very few TV shows recently and X Factor was the only show I allowed myself watch guilt free each week. But that Bridget Jones answer would have been "mad person! Desk 12!". I still just watch X Factor but I have watched the odd episode of I'm A Celeb. I marvel at the fact that I am just a decade younger than Gillian McKeith and think that even if I feel and think I look crap compared to Gillian I don't look that bad for 41! I like most of the celebs in the jungle this year. Even Alison Hammond isn't that bad but i pity any celebrity that she interviews and assaults judging by her previous encounters with Hollywood stars. Last weekend Stacey and Dom were spies in the camp and they had to recruit another person without the rest of the camp copping on. Stacey had to get Dom's attention and her nods and winks were completely lost on him, at one stage he thought she was coming on to him. That was v funny in itself but what happened next was pure TV gold. Stacey used a small rock to get his attention and the result made me laugh out loud. Here in Ireland at the moment I thank ITV and the fab Miss Solomon and Mr Joly for making me forget the cold, college and every other negative thing for a few moments.
. Stacey was my favourite contestant on last year's X Factor. One of her 'best bits' was her version of Take That's Rule The World.