Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Red Light Spells Danger

Billy Ocean had lots of hits worldwide in the 1970s and 80s. I'll be posting one of his 80s hits soon. His debut single Love Really Hurts Without you was a number 2 UK hit in 1976. That's a great pop song but one of his all time brilliant songs is also from his debut album and it's Red Light. It's sometimes called Red Light Spells Danger. Billy Ocean is now 60 years old and tours constantly, he has been in Dublin twice in the past two years and I'm definitely going to see him the next time he plays here. I think Red Light is one of those really powerful songs from the 70s that combines the best elements of soul and disco.

For Everyone Who Loves and Hates X Factor

I'm looking forward to when Katie is in the final two with someone like Cher. Guess what would happen after Dermot reads out the card that says Cher is going home! Or Rebecca or Matt! We may never know the real reason why Katie stays each week. I almost felt sorry for her last Sunday when Simon was like a Nazi commander looking at each contestant on stage in slow motion pretending to make a decision, the head going back and forth like some evil robot. Katie cowered on the stage like her boyfriend made her watch all the Saw films back to back. However on the Xtra factor later she was back to normal. I watched the clip below and thought well nothing happening here but it's all in the final moments!

Universal Child

Annie Lennox has become one of the latest music stars to record a Christmas themed album. A Christmas Cornucopia features several traditional songs such as Silent Night and God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen as well as some original songs. Her voice so suits Christmas songs and carols especially when singing The Holly and the Ivy and Angels from the Realms of Glory. In December I'm going to post a couple of the more Christmassy songs from Annie's album and from other singers too.
Previews of all the songs on A Christmas Cornucopia are here on her website. One of the original songs on the album is her newest single Universal Child. She sang it live on the Jay Leno show recently and it's a pretty flawless performance too.