Thursday, November 11, 2010

Burt & Barbra At The Piano

From 1971 this is Barbra Streisand and Burt Bacharach showing exactly why Barbra was one of the biggest stars of that decade.

Don't Cost....

10 years ago, November 2000, at the MTV European Music awards Jennifer Lopez sang Love Don't Cost A Thing for the first time. It would become one of her biggest hits worldwide including a number one in the UK and top 3 in the US. That was back in the day when CD:UK was the best pop music show on British TV. There were various remixes of the song and one of them is still one of my favourite pop mixes.
This is the Full Intention remix of Love Don't Cost A Thing.


Aretha is the newest song from Rumer. It's a song that sounds particularly nice on the radio. It's taken from her debut album Seasons Of The Soul. We live in an age where a first name is associated with one particular star such as Cher, Madonna, Christina or Britney. I think Rumer's name with be associated with a certain Miss Willis for a while but with songs as pleasant as this she should have her own indivdual identity pretty quickly.