Wednesday, November 10, 2010

C&C Music

A new video, I Am A Good Girl, has been released to promote the forthcoming Burlesque Movie. Cher and Christina are the movie's big stars with support from Stanley Tucci, Kirsten Bell and Alan Cumming. Burlesque is out for Thanksgiving in the US. Christmas comes early this November. Best movie tag line of the year and love the poster too! .

Been Awhile

I've noticed that I haven't posted anything by the most important pop star on Strike Curious Poses so from the very beginning here she is with Ain't No Big Deal.

The Way Ryan Sings It

The Way I Are by Timbaland featuring Keri Hilson was one of the songs on my all time favourite list last year. I think it is one of the most perfect songs of it's genre from the past decade. On the special edition of Timbaland's Shock Value album there was a version that featured Ryan Tedder and One Republic. I love his voice on the mix.

Liza & Donna

The 1996 album Gently wasn't a hit for Liza Minnelli. It did contain a duet with Donna Summer called Does He Love you. It's one some fans may not be familiar with so I hope you like it! Here it is.


Here is the latest mix by the amazingly talented Robin Skouteris. The new mix is called R.M.B. I'm not going to call his mixes mash ups from now on as they are too masterful. The video is edited by Robin and Panos T. There are seven songs or pieces of music used in the video below and I'll let you discover each track and sample as you listen.