Monday, November 8, 2010

Somebody To Love

When I look back on my popular culture highlights of 2010 next month one that will be high on the list will be when I won a competition to meet Boy George. Myself and my friend Anna Lena had a fab evening and George was so great. I wrote about it here. One of the things George told us was that he was working with Mark Ronson and how excited he was to record music with him. That song, Somebody To Love Me, is Mark's new single with George and Andrew Wyatt on vocals. It's been on lots of pop blogs already but I wanted to include it on mine too. As a lovely guy called John Jennings would say 'it would be rude not to!'.

Take That

On the current iTunes chart for the UK Take That's The Flood is currently at number two. Rihanna is still at number one but it could change by next Sunday. Good news for Shayne Ward as he's at number 6. with Gotta Be Somebody. There has been on average 6 or 7 new singles charting in the UK top 40 in recent weeks so that's a great improvement on the same songs being in the charts for months. Take That play Dublin's Croke park next June and I know my sister Emma can't wait to see them. This one's for you Emma!


Stay is the newest single from Hurts. I like them a lot but I wonder how long they can use their downstairs at Gosford Park image as we start heading into 2011. It is a very nice look and I'm surprised more male twenty and thirtysomethings aren't adapting that look for themselves here in Dublin. Maybe they're everywhere in London. It's been a trio of good songs from Adam and Theo and I think I will go see them in concert here in Dublin next year. They were studio guests on the Xtra factor recently and are the type of pop act that should really be on the main Sunday night show.

The Best Of

I wonder in the age of the internet and downloading do best of albums still have the same impact that they had years ago. Today we can look up the album's listings and choose the few songs we like. I guess some best of's represent good value for money even when downloaded and it also shows what kind of career an artist has had to date. I think Pink's will do well both in relation to downloads and fans buying the CDs. I remember when The Immaculate Collection came out it was such an event but I don't think there have been that many such events in recent years. Someone who has a best of out for Christmas is Nelly Furtado. It features all her well known songs including the lovely Broken Wings with James Morrison. Say It Right is also one of my favourite songs of the past decade and songs like Promiscuous and Maneater also from the same album are great pop songs. Good old Timbaland. The Best Of Nelly Furtado includes 3 new songs which are Girlfriend In The City, Stars and the song below The Night Is young. That song has been on the net since early October but I've only heard it today. Compared to her other songs I think it's one of her weakest songs to date, maybe I need a few more listens.