Sunday, October 31, 2010

Night Of The Living Mannequins

Last week David posted his opinion of X Factor here. It made me laugh so many times and I think is one of the best articles that he has written this year. It reminded me of the basic rule of blogging, that is write exactly what you think. I know that I sometimes end up writing what I think others will like to read which isn't always the best idea. It has taken a year or two for me to realise that Leona Lewis really isn't that good and that comparing her to real music legends really is a step too far. David coped on to that fact long ago and he will never be a Leona fan and that just makes him all the more fabulous. One blogger who also writes as he sees it is Paul of Fizzypop. I know I don't have to reference Paul every time I do an X Factor post but he always writes exactly the thoughts that I have when watching the Saturday night live show. The minx! Paul's post on last night's show is here. He has the most amazing knowledge of all the music references on the show and this week his suggestions for the songs that the acts should have sung are his best yet. I hate blogs who swipe other bloggers opinions without referencing them so forgive me Paul if I repeat anything below that you've written already. So here's my two cents on last night's show. Mary: Her version of Could It Be Magic tonight reminded me of how Paul Potts may have sung it. It was good but it wasn't brilliant. I think her hand gestures are really starting to annoy me and Louis's Dr Frankenstein manic gesturing to the audience to cheer louder should be somewhere in the rule book. Dannii's nodding to the audience moments later confirmed again that the judges are working in pairs this season. The word Diva is used for the first time already tonight but no Diva would let herself be styled like Jo Brand let loose in Poundworld. I would love to see Mary taking criticism really badly. Aiden: Paul highlighted in his X Factor post the fact that Imogen Heap had also covered Thriller and once again nothing is original in the show. I'm sure there is some way that artists could lawsuit! I didn't realise that Aiden's version wasn't his own while watching last night's show so like thousands of viewers I too waited for the song to burst into pop. Those awful mannequins in the background added nothing to the song and I'll go mad if Brian Friedman helps send another contestant home.
Aiden is the contestant who the judges just won't allow to win X Factor. When Dannii has to spend two minutes trying to justify having Aiden on the show you know it isn't going to go well on the Sunday night. Belle Amie: Another group who just can't win but could be better. I just knew they were going to sing Venus. Starting the song coming out of coffins is never a good omen. No surprise that Brian has the dancers running around in underwear. The vocals are horrible and various members of Bananarama are at home thinking 'Christ on a bike!'. Rebecca: It was a minute or two into the song before I realised it was Wicked Game which is a good thing. My favourite performance of the night. I kept on thinking of when I read that Girls Aloud didn't want to release it as a single as they didn't want to do another cover. I love Rebecca but am sick to death of her 'ah poor me! I've no confidence! I'm real shy, me! etc, etc'. Treyc: Two contestants in a row from Cheryl and it catches her off guard which is funny for two seconds. Treyc sings Relight My Fire because tickets went on sale for Take That this week. It's a fine version but she's Alexandra Burke every week and a case of a good singer isn't always is the best contestant. Black lipstick on her teeth is also a bad look! Matt: On Digital Spy there is a fantasy theme night. One is X Factor Eats Itself where contestants sing songs made famous by previous X Factor stars. It happens already with Matt. I of course love Matt but I hate this version of Bleeding Love. Why does Matt not have to put up with nonsense dancers? Does Dannii put her foot down backstage and go 'none of your old shite Brian!!'. There are lots of pictures (2) on Google of Matt strumming his guitar in clubs pre X Factor, I don't think Leona songs were ever on those set lists. Wagner: Both Louis and Simon continue to refuse to say his name right which surprises no one. I'm sure he was singing Cat Out Of Hell which is pretty accurate. Dannii by giving her exasperated opinion ends up giving him a positive review. Simon too. Life's not fair. Paije: Of all the contestants Paije annoys me the most. I know it's that good but evil Pixar character look on his face, and the way he attempts to jump in the intro video. He's dressed the same as Louis is except with rosary beads. Louis calls him a Diva because he can't say 'great big gay' on TV. De La Soul want their hair back. Katie: Even the children's grandparents watching Katie's performance don't know the song she's singing. Katie or Kay-heee! as Cheryl calls her, has turned completely into Betty Boop meets Ugly Betty. She looks like she got punched in the face by an Albino snowman. At the moment we are hiring Christmas staff in the bookshop I work in. I could imagine Katie in the interview; 'I LOVE books!!, I love reading! Reading rocks, man!!!' with a copy of Heat on her bookshelf. One Direction: In a sitting room somewhere Shane, Mark, Nicky and the other one sing along. I think One Direction will be the winners overall now not because they are the best but because the boybands of the next decade will all be their age and have a lead singer that dosen't want to be there. Hello Liam! Niall continues to look like he wandered onto a film set and ended up as one of the leads. Cher: Her version of Stay was fine but Simon's completely OTT lauding of her made a joke of the entire night.
The show overall was one hour and three quarters which knocks a half hour off last week's show. I'm sure the mentors also were due in soon. The Xtra Factor with Konnie sunk to all time low as well with Konnie rushing through the interviews with the contestants like there was only one lifeboat and Simon's jet ski left on the Titanic.
I know Nicolo is long gone but I like the photo at the top of this post. Trousers are in! While I do like Stay here's another song that Shakespeare's Sister gave to the world of pop.