Monday, October 18, 2010

Steada Treated, We Get Tricked

Last Saturday night on X Factor Cher Lloyd previewed what the West End shows of the future will be like when she swaggered her way through Jay Z's Hard Knock Life. What struck me about her performance was that she, when she has her record deal, will kill two birds with one stone in the fact she will rap and also sing the expected female chorus vocal in her songs. The final three contestants will be Mary, Cher and Matt unless Mary says 'feck this, I'm going back to till 11', Cher stabs someone 'by accident' in the green room backstage and Matt turns out to be a transsexual called Geraldine from Northern Ireland. Mary was once again my favourite contestant. It was only proper that she would cover Dusty and she did her proud. On the Sunday night show I loved the look on Mary's face when she was clapping for her fellow contestants getting through and she missed hearing her own name. There is now a cardboard cut-out of her at the front door of my local Tesco. Strangely, it hasn't been robbed yet. In a night where the theme was musical heroes it seems only Louis stuck to the rule book with Storm, John, Wagner and Mary all singing songs that you would imagine them liking in the real world. There should be a rule that contestants shouldn't have to sing songs that they never heard of. I think Belle Amie did a good job of their Saturday night song but as it's been said before it's never going to be easy for a girl group on a show like X Factor. It was so obvious that Simon told the other three judges during the ad break to choose to send home Diva Fever so he wouldn't have to make a choice. I'm sure Dermot got a slap on the wrist for pressing Simon on an answer he was never going to give. I wish Diva Fever were still in the show. They were like a camp Wham! even though I never considered Wham! camp 'in their day'. Diva Fever were fab in every way especially as only one of them could sing. It would have been great to see what Brian Friedman would have done next. Sometimes you think he's just projecting his own fantasies on stage. While some of the audience would have recognised the music as the current Duck Sauce song while others just thought 'oh!, another Boney M song!'. Simon knows he will make more money from Belle Amie even though they will never win the show. Listening back on the song again Diva Fever's vocals were weak but that performance really wasn't about the singing. It was like a Next catalogue gone bananas. I wished that Dannii had been rebel Dannii on the results show and had kept them in. Louis and Cheryl are doing exactly what Simon tells them to do this series. It's all kinds of sad that Cheryl is the only judge with all four acts left in the show. Paul of Fizzypop weekly X Factor post is here which is, as ever, spot on. One last time, here are Diva Fever.
Equally as entertaining is the video clip below which is doing the rounds. I saw it on Digital Spy this morning. I am not a fan of Stephen Fry which I know is like a lesbian saying she doesn't like Ellen but I expect he would find it amusing.