Friday, August 13, 2010


Alexandra Burke has performed in concerts and PA's several times here in Ireland since winning X Factor in 2008. As well as appearing at this weekend's Milk festival she headlines her own show at Dublin's Grand Canal Theatre on Jan 17th 2011. Of all of the X Factor winners I think Shayne ward is still the best of the winners but Alexandra is also a proper popstar with a great voice and who seems to be one of the hardest working stars in pop music today. This year the auditions for X Factor came to Dublin which now means that the show finally acknowledges the huge audience that it has in Ireland, both north and south. I'm sure that it also means that Irish viewers will be able to vote for their favourite contestant, something we could never do before in the south during the other 6 series. While there is now a major money making opportunity in the additional phone votes for the producers I think it will also result in many Irish viewers voting for the Irish act regardless of how good those contestants are. Of course Scottish, Welsh or English viewers do vote for someone from their own country but it will be interesting to see exactly how the majority of Irish viewers vote. I don't think that Ireland should inflict another Conway Sisters, Jedward or Eoghan Quigg on music. In saying that the possible Irish act (or acts) could be very good. Ireland has very talented singers and there have been many Irish popstars who went on to do well internationally but with a novelty act like Jedward I just felt embarrassed watching the show last year. Even with the huge amount of publicity that All The Small Things got it still only got to number 80 in the UK singles chart and didn't even go top 20 in Ireland. There should always be pop acts suitable for children but the kids deserve better! I really lost a lot of faith in Popjustice when they named that song their song of the day a few weeks ago. I will of course be watching X Factor when it starts again at the end of this month and am looking forward to Paul's Fizzypop's write up's every week, which for me were often better than the actual shows. It will also be interesting to see what direction last year's winner Joe will go in. The last series had a really poptastic moment and it had nothing with Joe. It was Alexandra and JLS with a mash up of their own songs. I know not every reader here likes X Factor but every pop fan has to agree that an artist has to believe in what they do and in the case of Alexandra and JLS they definitely do. The mix of Bad Boys and Everybody in Love is here. Alexandra's new song is Start Without You. I think it's the weakest of her singles so far and she really deserves better. It's time to lose the guest vocalists I think. .