Monday, August 9, 2010

Back To Last

When I first started blogging I was also listening to a lot of music through Last FM. I loved discovering new and mainly old songs through it. Many of the songs I found would make their way onto my blog. I rarely subscribed to the site but as it's only €3 a month I signed up again. Two years ago you only needed 15 songs to make a playlist, now it's 45 but it's like having your own radio station. Much better than enduring 2FM here in Ireland! I've noticed that lots of songs aren't on Last FM's lists including nearly all of Madonna's. The weird thing is that most of Prince's are. I spent all yesterday evening listening to various songs and I think it's going to get me back blogging. My new profile name on Last FM is Davidjminogue so do check out my page there and my 150+ playlist. Here is one song that I found on Last FM and one that I haven't heard since I was a child. It's Please Mister Please by Olivia Newton John. I know I only recently featured an Olivia song but I love so many of her songs and this is such a sweet one and pure nostalgia. Ke$ha it ain't!