Friday, May 21, 2010

80: 80s 13: Pat Benatar

Many artists are most famous for one particular song. Such is the case with Pat Benatar and Love Is A Battlefield. It was a number 5 hit in 1983 on the Billboard chart. It got to number 17 in the UK which sounds wrong! The reason some songs feature more strongly in my memory was because of the Irish two hour Sunday music TV show, MT:USA which introduced many Irish people to American songs. Love Is A Battlefield is my clearest memory from that show and I'm sure fellow blogger Enda, though younger than me, remembers all those classic MT:USA songs. I do of course adore Love Is A Battlefield but I equally love Pat Benatar's other big hit We Belong. It got to number 5 in the US in 1984. It also earned her a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. We Belong was taken from the album Tropico. The video is here. This song is for my sister Emma as I know it's her kind of classic pop.