Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Here's the latest mash up from Robin Skouteris. It features two of his most sampled artists, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. The songs are Monster from Michael Jackson featuring 50 Cent which is featured on his 'new' posthumous album Michael and Lady Gaga and Monster which should have been a single. I first posted this without realising Monster was from the new Michael Jackson album and I thought it was one of those old bonus tracks from an album session. I think Monster would have been a better first single instead of Hold My Hand. I also think that it still feels weird to hear 'new' songs by him. Regarding the mash up itself I'm not completely crazy on the drawn out vocal of Gaga in the chorus but overall Robin is top of his game again. I still think that he should be a big star. Maybe he in his native Greece!

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