Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kiss Kiss

Here's one of those pop songs that was a huge hit on release and one that you never hear now. It's Kiss Kiss by Holly Valance. It went to number one in the UK in 2002 back when female Aussie soap stars had hits and weren't just a Minogue. Holly starred in Neighbours at the time and I'm sure the video, which was a little bit controversial, helped sell a few CD singles too. Kiss Kiss was Holly's version of the Stella Soliel song which itself was a cover of a Turkish song called Simarik first recorded by Tarkan. Kiss Kiss was a real Saturday morning CD:UK song and it's CD single had a couple of memorable remixes and here's two of them. The first is the Agent Sumo 2 mix. And the second was by Jah Wobble who later went on to work with Sinead O'Connor and many more.

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