Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Something Kinda Hmmm...

On the X Factor Facebook page there is a question posted at 8:55pm on Sunday evening asking viewers what they thought of the first deadlock of the series. However this wasn't the first time a question was posted on X Factor's Facebook page about a deadlock decision on the show that Sunday evening. Between 630pm and 7pm I looked at the X Factor Facebook page and there was a question asking viewers should the judges have gone to deadlock. This was a question posted between the other questions posted at 619pm and 630pm. There was by then around 50 comments on the page. Some fans of the show must have read it simply as a question about using deadlock as a decision in general on the show but as it hadn't happened so far in the series I thought that it was a strange question. I also noticed some comments were asking was the show on already or early that Sunday i.e. 6pm instead of 8pm. I decided to post a comment asking was the question about the deadlock meant for the forthcoming show that evening and therefore was the question posted too early and could it be a fix. That is a live show that was to air a few hours later? Moments later the entire question about the deadlock and all the comments belonging to that question were deleted from the X Factor Facebook page. I almost thought I had imagined what I read. In the comments box on another question I posted another comment at 6:58pm on this question on the X Factor page asking 'where's the deadlock question gone? Anyone else notice it's been taken down'. One or two people had and also posted their own comments on that topic. I was intrigued as to what was going to happen on the results show. With Simon and Louis sending home Katie and Cheryl and Dannii sending home Belle Amie it went to the first deadlock of the series. I don't think that Louis would have sent home Belle Amie but by Dannii sending them home instead of Katie this lead then to the public making the decision and out of the judges hands. But was this the way it was all meant to lead to? Belle Amie were never going to win the competition especially with One Direction in the show. Katie being in the show another week makes people watch it next week to see if she goes. She is a ratings winner. It still leaves Cheryl with four acts in the competition which increases her own profile in the media for the week ahead. It is also far easier for a judge, like Simon, to concentrate on an act that has a strong chance of winning than also having to mentor one the public hasn't warmed to or will ever. Simon, I feel, wanted Belle Amie to go and I'm sure he knew the way the phone voting had gone. The only way for it to go to deadlock was for the judges, Dannii and Louis to vote the way they did. I think the deadlock question posted after 6pm on the X Factor page on Facebook was posted too early and when a few people questioned the first deadlock question it was removed immediately. I think the decision to go to deadlock was made well before the sing off. It all adds to the drama of the show. That question about the deadlock is of course not on the X Factor page anymore so all the producers of the show have to say is that it was never there in the first place or it was misread. I am surprised that it hasn't surfaced in the papers or on pop culture sites since Sunday. Maybe it has. The judges, by sending the decision to deadlock and into the hands of the public, haven't done anything wrong but I think it's a case of how tactical the voting and comments by the judges has become. These are all my own opinions and the whole point of the post is to question the immediate removal of a deadlock question that could potentially concern a show that hadn't even aired yet. X Factor's use of Facebook as a device to gauge the viewer's immediate opinion has been very successful and there are 100's sometimes 1000's of comments. The comments are for the most part unedited and published as they are made. There is nothing to stop any person or TV show removing a question or comments but this is an intriguing one I think. Watch the decision at the end of the sing-off and also the reactions of the contestants when the result is announced.

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