Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Proud Mary

So much of television today features mimed performances of songs. Justin Bieber on last week's X factor had to be the worst mimed performance I've ever seen on TV in years. Not that the demographic of his fans minded and he sure could dance. Almost every major singer will mime and give some excuse for it. For me it really isn't the same. The greatness of a live performance is that even if it is pre-recorded for the show it's usually done in one take and the performance that you see becomes part of your favourite singer or bands best or at least memorable moments in popular culture. On the music star hosted shows of the 70's, especially in the US, there were both live and pre-recorded music shows but most of the guest stars sung live. Here is Toni Tennille and Dusty Springfield and a super live performance of Proud Mary. I think they did Tina proud. This one is for David!

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