Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Love Will...

One more cover version on this snowy day. This is Susanna and the Magical Orchestra and Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Winter Wonderland

I remember every album that I got for Christmas over the years. For Christmas 1987 I got A Very Special Christmas which was a charity album for Special Olympics. It featured some of the genuinely biggest music stars of that decade including Madonna, Whitney Houston, Sting, Bon Jovi, U2 and Bruce Springsteen. It was the first of a series of albums released in aid of Special Olympics. I never got any of the other albums in the series but I would imagine the first album has to be the best in terms of star quality. Several songs stood out on the first album and I''m going to post my favourites over the next three weeks. The first is Eurythmics and their faithful and atmospheric version of Winter Wonderland. I know lots of stars record Christmas albums but I wish those versions filled the charts in December instead of the same songs (Wizzard, John Lennon, Band Aid, Elton John) that we hear every Christmas on radios and shopping centres around the world.

Proud Mary

So much of television today features mimed performances of songs. Justin Bieber on last week's X factor had to be the worst mimed performance I've ever seen on TV in years. Not that the demographic of his fans minded and he sure could dance. Almost every major singer will mime and give some excuse for it. For me it really isn't the same. The greatness of a live performance is that even if it is pre-recorded for the show it's usually done in one take and the performance that you see becomes part of your favourite singer or bands best or at least memorable moments in popular culture. On the music star hosted shows of the 70's, especially in the US, there were both live and pre-recorded music shows but most of the guest stars sung live. Here is Toni Tennille and Dusty Springfield and a super live performance of Proud Mary. I think they did Tina proud. This one is for David!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Here is song number two in my songs of Christmas. From 1967 (older than me!) this is Barbra and I Wonder as I Wander which is taken from A Christmas Album. I'm sure a couple of readers here own that album already but if you want to add a truly gorgeous and classic Christmas album to your collection it's a perfect one.

The V Fab Miss Solomon

In my television theory class one evening we were talking about reality TV. Our lecturer said he didn't really understand why so many people liked shows such as X Factor and he asked if any of us watched it. I said I did and then said that it was the only show that I watched on TV. I felt a right moron I can tell you! What I meant to say was with work, classes at night, project work, feeling guilty about not doing project work and trying to maintain some kind of social life I watched very few TV shows recently and X Factor was the only show I allowed myself watch guilt free each week. But that Bridget Jones answer would have been "mad person! Desk 12!". I still just watch X Factor but I have watched the odd episode of I'm A Celeb. I marvel at the fact that I am just a decade younger than Gillian McKeith and think that even if I feel and think I look crap compared to Gillian I don't look that bad for 41! I like most of the celebs in the jungle this year. Even Alison Hammond isn't that bad but i pity any celebrity that she interviews and assaults judging by her previous encounters with Hollywood stars. Last weekend Stacey and Dom were spies in the camp and they had to recruit another person without the rest of the camp copping on. Stacey had to get Dom's attention and her nods and winks were completely lost on him, at one stage he thought she was coming on to him. That was v funny in itself but what happened next was pure TV gold. Stacey used a small rock to get his attention and the result made me laugh out loud. Here in Ireland at the moment I thank ITV and the fab Miss Solomon and Mr Joly for making me forget the cold, college and every other negative thing for a few moments.
. Stacey was my favourite contestant on last year's X Factor. One of her 'best bits' was her version of Take That's Rule The World.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow Days

Both Ireland and the UK is covered in snow this weekend. It is the first time that I've seen snow in November here in Ireland. We will surely have a white Christmas this year. As readers know I am not religious but I love the songs of Christmas. Each day from now and throughout December I'm going to post a Christmas themed song. The first is by Enya and is O Come, O Come Emmanuel which was featured on her 2008 album And Winter Came...

Still Looking For

I watched X Factor last night but because of the way the judges decision on who goes has been completely rigged now I've really lost all interest in who wins. I read today that Mary is a favourite to go tonight and it's not impossible that Rebecca might not be in the semi final next week as well. Louis Walsh has completely fucked up the show because of the inclusion of Wagner and the way in which he votes each week. I'm so tired of his cat from Shrek face when it's decision night on Sundays. On tonight's show there will be a group song, three guest stars and two eliminations. Next week there will also be a double elimination in order to have just three contestants in the final the week after. It feels like it's all a bit rushed as the series comes to an end. It now looks like Wagner will win the show for all the wrong reasons. Louis's decision to have Wagner sing Radiohead's Creep last night only helps to keep the anti Simon/X Factor groups and indie students happy. The irony is of course that every phone vote only gives more money to Simon and ITV. I think Mary has been a great contestant overall on the show but I do feel that her 'me daughter' comments every week didn't do her that many favours. It is now a guarantee that ever future Irish contestant on the show will have to sing a U2 song. There were three U2 song references on the show last night ; Rebecca's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Mary's All I Want Is you and One was also heard on one of the VT's. Matt's version of The Moody Blues Nights In White Satin was good. I would love to hear him sing Forever Autumn which was a solo single by Justin Hayward, the band's lead singer. Today on a yahoo linked write up on X Factor I read the song referred to as Knights in White Satin and once again felt a bit sad at the lack of basic music reference research that is evident on the internet. Matt's first song, I Love Rock 'n' Roll on last night's show was not his greatest moment on the series. Matt as 'sexy Matt' surrounded by Brian's Hot Gossip girls really is the opposite of why many viewers liked him in the first place, he just dosen't need that crap and it's also 'Matt is more Olly Murs than Joe McElderry viewers in case you didn't know'. The constant thing that irks me watching X Factor is when Simon goes on about an artist making a song 'their own'. Such was the case again last night with Rebecca and her version of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. The song sung in a certain style was done before. It got to number 6 in the UK charts in 1990 when The Chimes covered it. Their lead singer was Pauline Henry.
Their version was gorgeous and here it is.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wilson Phillips

Here's another Elton cover that I've always liked. It's Wilson Phillips and Daniel. It was one of the songs featured on the Elton John and Bernie Taupin tribute album Two Rooms in 1991.
Here also is their cover of Fleetwood Mac's Go your Own Way.

Her Song

I haven't posted for the past week as I have been trying to write an essay for my college course. I just get a mental block on writing and it's just something I have to get through. I end up missing blogging and I realise how much I enjoy sharing music and ramblings. Here in Ireland there has been a real sense of 'what will happen next' as there has been a major news story on Irish politics and the economy every hour. Pop and X Factor all seemed v trivial last week but sometimes it's music and rubbish addictive TV that we need to escape to from the reality of what's happening nationally. My favourite song of the week has been Ellie Goulding's your Song. Her last two singles didn't do that well and I think Starry Eyed was good but v overrated. I normally hate indie or alternative versions of older songs but in this case I love the arrangement and simpleness of the song. The song also has the most lovely lyrics. I always remember when I was a child hearing the line 'I don't have much money but boy if I did I'll buy a big house where we both could live' and the word 'boy' standing out for me and being sung by a male singer.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back To Ballads

I know I sound v old when I keep going on about the type of music that used to be in the charts but I wonder will we ever return to a time when there are a lot of ballads in the charts again. Here is one that still sounds good today. From 1993 this is Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight and a song that featured on the soundtrack to the first Beverley Hills 90210 TV show.
Here is Love Is..

Keep It Together

I'm going to post a selection of my brother's art work over the next few weeks. Above is one his newest drawings and here's a link to what he's been doing recently.

System Addict

Just for my sister Emma. Best of luck in your forthcoming exams!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Red Light Spells Danger

Billy Ocean had lots of hits worldwide in the 1970s and 80s. I'll be posting one of his 80s hits soon. His debut single Love Really Hurts Without you was a number 2 UK hit in 1976. That's a great pop song but one of his all time brilliant songs is also from his debut album and it's Red Light. It's sometimes called Red Light Spells Danger. Billy Ocean is now 60 years old and tours constantly, he has been in Dublin twice in the past two years and I'm definitely going to see him the next time he plays here. I think Red Light is one of those really powerful songs from the 70s that combines the best elements of soul and disco.

For Everyone Who Loves and Hates X Factor

I'm looking forward to when Katie is in the final two with someone like Cher. Guess what would happen after Dermot reads out the card that says Cher is going home! Or Rebecca or Matt! We may never know the real reason why Katie stays each week. I almost felt sorry for her last Sunday when Simon was like a Nazi commander looking at each contestant on stage in slow motion pretending to make a decision, the head going back and forth like some evil robot. Katie cowered on the stage like her boyfriend made her watch all the Saw films back to back. However on the Xtra factor later she was back to normal. I watched the clip below and thought well nothing happening here but it's all in the final moments!

Universal Child

Annie Lennox has become one of the latest music stars to record a Christmas themed album. A Christmas Cornucopia features several traditional songs such as Silent Night and God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen as well as some original songs. Her voice so suits Christmas songs and carols especially when singing The Holly and the Ivy and Angels from the Realms of Glory. In December I'm going to post a couple of the more Christmassy songs from Annie's album and from other singers too.
Previews of all the songs on A Christmas Cornucopia are here on her website. One of the original songs on the album is her newest single Universal Child. She sang it live on the Jay Leno show recently and it's a pretty flawless performance too.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I was seven years old when I went to see Star Wars. My Dad brought me to see it in the Regent cinema in Kilkenny. One of my earliest memories is someone telling me to stop laughing at the Jawas. They weren't that funny but to a seven year old they were. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs made me realise how wonderful cinema was as a child but Star Wars cemented that love forever. When I was little i know I thought Tatooine was a real place. Part of me still does. My brother Mike loves the first trilogy as much as I do and another generation later my nephew Ben does too. While I love my pop, it is cinema that has given so much in life and now I'm doing a degree in it 34 years after first seeing Star Wars. My brother has brought that love of cinema in to his art and I hope he never loses that quality that makes everything he draws, paints or makes come to life. Mike's blog featuring lots of his work is here. Here's a video and a song for my brilliant brother.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wrap Him Up

It's Elton week and for the first time, in a long time, the theme of the week on X Factor stuck to what it was supposed to be. On Twitter later that evening one viewer commented that if you took out the ads and the judges intros (and squabbling) the one and a half hour show was actually only 40 minutes long. The show really could have done with a mentor like Elton but I'm looking forward to his reaction to the show in the press next week. Overall I think Saturday's show could have been a much better with a guest mentor. While I think Elton has been relying on his back catalogue of hits over the past few decades the thing is that he really has some truly wonderful songs. Some of them were sung on Saturday night but as Paul Fizzypop notes there were also missed opportunities. On with the clones: Paije: Paije sang Crocodile Rock and I was kinda singing along but I realised that I couldn't remember the actual name of the song. Dementia at 41! I think that is what Cheryl meant when she didn't know the song but somehow I doubt it. I think it showed the overall lack of interest she has in the theme of the week. Surely she could have listened to one of Elton's best of collections of which Crocodile Rock must have been on most of them. Paije sings the song fine in a West End show way but the dead cat around his neck look at the film premiere freaks me out. I also can't believe the press hadn't picked up on his 3 seconds in a Harry Potter movie connection. Daniel Radcliffe looks terrified as he enters the room to visit them. It's all so rehearsed and depressing! When Paije sings there are white guys in afro wigs and Vera Duckworth backing singers in other words more horribleness from Brian Friedman. All the straight guys wear pink these days but Paije still looks like Liberace and is clearly fuming at the various negative comments he receives from Simon. Zero is a cruel word! Aiden: He's wearing one of Cher's jackets in the VT and one of Dannii's brooches on stage! He sings Rocket Man and I like it even if it is a bit small club in Vegas but that's his entire overall style by now. I thought he might have sung your Song. Dannii is in ultra giddy mood tonight and is almost climbing up on Louis. By next week Simon, judging by the 'time of the month' comment to Louis will be writing into his contract that Louis has to come out on the show. They are more like two panto dames each week. Mary: Tonight's look is a fortune teller with a starfish in her hair. Can you Feel the Love Tonight is nice but the X Factor has to be more than nice. I wonder if the public, especially in the UK are sick to death of Mary's 'I'm lonely for me daughter' and I have a peek on Twitter after the show. Let's just say the Twitter community sometimes are not that kind in their comments. I do think Mary is on the wrong show. She will end up as a lesson to Irish mammies everywhere. Living in London with a bunch of teenagers for a few months + having a daughter who won't fly (unless in private plane with Westlife) or use a ferry = unhappiness. I wondered if she ever entered the All Ireland Talent Show which is v horrific and the nearest Ireland gets to Britain's Got Talent. Katie: She has to be wearing a wig in the VT. No ones hair looks like that in real life. Brian gives her one of Storm's old set pieces. She sounds awful. The Bad Girls cast reunion behind her doesn't help either. Backing singers drown out her a bit. In other words she will be here next week too. Matt: He's wearing a Christmas office party tie but I can't fault his performance of Goodbye yellow Brick Road which I always associate with Candle In The Wind which Rebecca sings later. I realise that Elton really has beautiful songs or maybe Matt is just beautiful... He fecks it up a bit later on Xtra Factor when Konnie asks him who he was blowing a kiss to in the audience and he said 'to everyone....everyone who's female'. Bah! Cher: I hadn't a clue or cared who the rap in the middle of Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word was by and I' certain that Biddy Mulhubbert, 74, in Leeds did either. Dannii wishes she Cher sang more but the thing is Cher can't really sing and I think that's where the rapping and the swagger (in those awful Buck Rogers leggings) has to make an appearance. She looks ill again this week or maybe smug. Wagner: His performances are now post-modern because his 'wife ' (as Paul also notes) from last week gets centre stage which leads to various quips from the judges. It's all scripted you know! It would be great to see Wagner without all of Brian's OTT nonsense and see if the judges still praise him. Wagner clearly has never heard of either of Elton's songs Louis has chosen for him. Then I realise that; that's it! Elton slags off x Factor and an entire night (bar Matt, Rebecca and One Direction) is a piss take of Elton. Genius, Mr Cowell! Louis's comment that Wagner reminds him of a 'young Elton John' is the most poisoned dart of the night! One Direction: Unless Wagner's anti X Factor voters fecks it all up they are going to win the series. Tonight was their 'boybands have number one hits with ballads too' night. Niall is up front of camera again like he's watching a football match in the local pub. They all have signature hair. If there were just 5 wigs on stage you would know who was who. Rebecca: The people's Princess! She has a hat made of hair but looks so elegant. She always looks so well dressed in the VT and of all of the contestants she is the one who would spend her riches the wisest. Some day judges on shows like this will not have to say that singers like Rebecca are inspirations to single mothers everywhere. There are 1000's of single mothers and not all have to go on an ITV show to prove their worth. There are single fathers too! Simon says she has made the song 'relevant' but a song like Candle In The Wind was always a classic without Simon's blessing. The best: Matt, One Direction, Rebecca Still there next week: Aiden , Cher, Mary, Wagner Taxi stage left: Paije or Katie To conclude, Kate sings Elton.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Burt & Barbra At The Piano

From 1971 this is Barbra Streisand and Burt Bacharach showing exactly why Barbra was one of the biggest stars of that decade.

Don't Cost....

10 years ago, November 2000, at the MTV European Music awards Jennifer Lopez sang Love Don't Cost A Thing for the first time. It would become one of her biggest hits worldwide including a number one in the UK and top 3 in the US. That was back in the day when CD:UK was the best pop music show on British TV. There were various remixes of the song and one of them is still one of my favourite pop mixes.
This is the Full Intention remix of Love Don't Cost A Thing.


Aretha is the newest song from Rumer. It's a song that sounds particularly nice on the radio. It's taken from her debut album Seasons Of The Soul. We live in an age where a first name is associated with one particular star such as Cher, Madonna, Christina or Britney. I think Rumer's name with be associated with a certain Miss Willis for a while but with songs as pleasant as this she should have her own indivdual identity pretty quickly.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

C&C Music

A new video, I Am A Good Girl, has been released to promote the forthcoming Burlesque Movie. Cher and Christina are the movie's big stars with support from Stanley Tucci, Kirsten Bell and Alan Cumming. Burlesque is out for Thanksgiving in the US. Christmas comes early this November. Best movie tag line of the year and love the poster too! .

Been Awhile

I've noticed that I haven't posted anything by the most important pop star on Strike Curious Poses so from the very beginning here she is with Ain't No Big Deal.

The Way Ryan Sings It

The Way I Are by Timbaland featuring Keri Hilson was one of the songs on my all time favourite list last year. I think it is one of the most perfect songs of it's genre from the past decade. On the special edition of Timbaland's Shock Value album there was a version that featured Ryan Tedder and One Republic. I love his voice on the mix.

Liza & Donna

The 1996 album Gently wasn't a hit for Liza Minnelli. It did contain a duet with Donna Summer called Does He Love you. It's one some fans may not be familiar with so I hope you like it! Here it is.


Here is the latest mix by the amazingly talented Robin Skouteris. The new mix is called R.M.B. I'm not going to call his mixes mash ups from now on as they are too masterful. The video is edited by Robin and Panos T. There are seven songs or pieces of music used in the video below and I'll let you discover each track and sample as you listen.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Somebody To Love

When I look back on my popular culture highlights of 2010 next month one that will be high on the list will be when I won a competition to meet Boy George. Myself and my friend Anna Lena had a fab evening and George was so great. I wrote about it here. One of the things George told us was that he was working with Mark Ronson and how excited he was to record music with him. That song, Somebody To Love Me, is Mark's new single with George and Andrew Wyatt on vocals. It's been on lots of pop blogs already but I wanted to include it on mine too. As a lovely guy called John Jennings would say 'it would be rude not to!'.

Take That

On the current iTunes chart for the UK Take That's The Flood is currently at number two. Rihanna is still at number one but it could change by next Sunday. Good news for Shayne Ward as he's at number 6. with Gotta Be Somebody. There has been on average 6 or 7 new singles charting in the UK top 40 in recent weeks so that's a great improvement on the same songs being in the charts for months. Take That play Dublin's Croke park next June and I know my sister Emma can't wait to see them. This one's for you Emma!


Stay is the newest single from Hurts. I like them a lot but I wonder how long they can use their downstairs at Gosford Park image as we start heading into 2011. It is a very nice look and I'm surprised more male twenty and thirtysomethings aren't adapting that look for themselves here in Dublin. Maybe they're everywhere in London. It's been a trio of good songs from Adam and Theo and I think I will go see them in concert here in Dublin next year. They were studio guests on the Xtra factor recently and are the type of pop act that should really be on the main Sunday night show.

The Best Of

I wonder in the age of the internet and downloading do best of albums still have the same impact that they had years ago. Today we can look up the album's listings and choose the few songs we like. I guess some best of's represent good value for money even when downloaded and it also shows what kind of career an artist has had to date. I think Pink's will do well both in relation to downloads and fans buying the CDs. I remember when The Immaculate Collection came out it was such an event but I don't think there have been that many such events in recent years. Someone who has a best of out for Christmas is Nelly Furtado. It features all her well known songs including the lovely Broken Wings with James Morrison. Say It Right is also one of my favourite songs of the past decade and songs like Promiscuous and Maneater also from the same album are great pop songs. Good old Timbaland. The Best Of Nelly Furtado includes 3 new songs which are Girlfriend In The City, Stars and the song below The Night Is young. That song has been on the net since early October but I've only heard it today. Compared to her other songs I think it's one of her weakest songs to date, maybe I need a few more listens.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


The cover for the Michael album is above. It's released on December 10th. Lots more info here.

Oh, Mariah!

The offical video for Mariah Carey's Oh, Santa! was released this week. It's very Hey ya! It's Christmas which is v good.

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry Now.

The highest new entry on the UK charts today, at number 3, was Happiness by Alexis Jordan. There's a couple of good old fashioned pop songs out at the moment and this is one of them.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Crescendo

In my vinyl record collection I have a few Michael Jackson singles and the Off The Wall and Thriller vinyl albums. I don't own any 12" mixes of his songs at all despite being a fan for years. So there are lots of mixes of his songs that I have never heard. Tonight I heard the remix of Smooth Criminal below for the first time. I think it may be the Brothers in Rhythm remix. It sure has their signature intro style like the ones they made for Janet. It's 10 minutes long and takes a few minutes to get into the lyrics which as we know is exactly what a remix should always do.
This one is for John.

Loving U More

If there's a nightclub in Heaven as well as the one in London I hope they play this song. It's BT featuring Vincent Covello and Loving you More. It's one of the most glorious dance songs ever and is a song I thought I had posted before but maybe it was on my other blog and got lost in the move to Strike Curious Poses. Dance songs like Loving you More always had many great mixes so below is the short radio version with the very handsome Vincent Covello on vocals and then an extended club mix. This one is for the equally handsome Enda.


My good friend Brian texted me recently and said that he has been reading my blog again. Brian loves such a variety of music and he is always discovering songs both old and new. One day, a few years ago, we were over at our friend Pat's house and he played a Roberta Flack song called The Ballad Of The Sad young Men. It was so lovely and haunting. I found another version of that song by the late Norwegian singer Radka Toneff and also her version of Nature Boy.
Both songs are below. For you, Brian.

Gotta Be

Shayne Ward performs his new single Gotta Be Somebody on X Factor next weekend. It's a song that I've grown to like more over the past few weeks. It's old fashioned pop. I think Shayne is the classic case of a pop star who should have gotten more attention by his management and record company. Gotta Be somebody will be his seventh single since he won the second series of X Factor and it is the first release from his forthcoming third album, Obsession. Of his previous six singles five of them went top ten in the UK, none lower than number six. That's my Goal, his debut single went to number one in the UK and Ireland. No Promises and If That's Ok With you also went to number one in Ireland where he has maintained a faithful following. According to Wikipedia Shayne has been in the same relationship with his Faye McKeever since 2004. I'm sure a lot of his original fans have grown up a bit and gone past that 'wish he was single' phase. I remember magazines like Heat speculating on whether Shayne would ever be single again. He is a male pop star whose physical image wasn't used to a large degree. Over the past two years Shayne has been obviously working on that image and the video for Gotta Be Somebody is the end result. When he sings the song on TV next weekend we may have to listen to Louis screaming that 'girls all over the country will be going mad for you Shayne!'. The reality is that the remaking of an image with a male pop star is often directed also at a male audience. There are lots of videos of stars involved in the It Gets Better campaign which aims to try to prevent suicides by young gay people. It is of course wonderful that stars get involved in a campaign like this but a step in the right direction in the media would be to acknowledge that a pop star's image appeals to both men and women especially teenagers. By stating that a new pop star or band only appeals to specific male or female audiences I think helps alienate feelings. Every teenager has pop star crushes but that aspect of growing up is another part of repression. This is not meant to be another X Factor rant but I know that Shayne and his new more sexual image will be appearing in magazines both straight and gay over the next few weeks and when they do the target audience is very often separated. An interview in the UK Attitude magazine with a straight male pop star will almost almost say that he loves and admires his gay male audiences and that he has no objection to having gay fans. This is of course very positive but the use of a straight male star in these interview / photos articles are often written and shown in a specific manner. The accompanying photos often show the star topless or semi clothed. The image of the perfect straight male body image is used again and again. This imagery is most used in magazines like Attitude and I'm sure in other countries too I don't think that is going to change any time soon. .

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So Cyndi!

Two little video clips from darling Cyndi. The first was filmed today just after she voted in New york. and one in lovely London.

She Stopped In The Name Of Love

The list of my favourite movies includes Sandra Bernhard's Without you I'm Nothing. It's not one that you would put on after Christmas dinner at Grandma's unless Grandma had the most fantastic sense of humour ever. There aren't a lot of clips from the movie on youtube but today I found the clip below. Sandra does Diana as only Sandra can.

Something Kinda Hmmm...

On the X Factor Facebook page there is a question posted at 8:55pm on Sunday evening asking viewers what they thought of the first deadlock of the series. However this wasn't the first time a question was posted on X Factor's Facebook page about a deadlock decision on the show that Sunday evening. Between 630pm and 7pm I looked at the X Factor Facebook page and there was a question asking viewers should the judges have gone to deadlock. This was a question posted between the other questions posted at 619pm and 630pm. There was by then around 50 comments on the page. Some fans of the show must have read it simply as a question about using deadlock as a decision in general on the show but as it hadn't happened so far in the series I thought that it was a strange question. I also noticed some comments were asking was the show on already or early that Sunday i.e. 6pm instead of 8pm. I decided to post a comment asking was the question about the deadlock meant for the forthcoming show that evening and therefore was the question posted too early and could it be a fix. That is a live show that was to air a few hours later? Moments later the entire question about the deadlock and all the comments belonging to that question were deleted from the X Factor Facebook page. I almost thought I had imagined what I read. In the comments box on another question I posted another comment at 6:58pm on this question on the X Factor page asking 'where's the deadlock question gone? Anyone else notice it's been taken down'. One or two people had and also posted their own comments on that topic. I was intrigued as to what was going to happen on the results show. With Simon and Louis sending home Katie and Cheryl and Dannii sending home Belle Amie it went to the first deadlock of the series. I don't think that Louis would have sent home Belle Amie but by Dannii sending them home instead of Katie this lead then to the public making the decision and out of the judges hands. But was this the way it was all meant to lead to? Belle Amie were never going to win the competition especially with One Direction in the show. Katie being in the show another week makes people watch it next week to see if she goes. She is a ratings winner. It still leaves Cheryl with four acts in the competition which increases her own profile in the media for the week ahead. It is also far easier for a judge, like Simon, to concentrate on an act that has a strong chance of winning than also having to mentor one the public hasn't warmed to or will ever. Simon, I feel, wanted Belle Amie to go and I'm sure he knew the way the phone voting had gone. The only way for it to go to deadlock was for the judges, Dannii and Louis to vote the way they did. I think the deadlock question posted after 6pm on the X Factor page on Facebook was posted too early and when a few people questioned the first deadlock question it was removed immediately. I think the decision to go to deadlock was made well before the sing off. It all adds to the drama of the show. That question about the deadlock is of course not on the X Factor page anymore so all the producers of the show have to say is that it was never there in the first place or it was misread. I am surprised that it hasn't surfaced in the papers or on pop culture sites since Sunday. Maybe it has. The judges, by sending the decision to deadlock and into the hands of the public, haven't done anything wrong but I think it's a case of how tactical the voting and comments by the judges has become. These are all my own opinions and the whole point of the post is to question the immediate removal of a deadlock question that could potentially concern a show that hadn't even aired yet. X Factor's use of Facebook as a device to gauge the viewer's immediate opinion has been very successful and there are 100's sometimes 1000's of comments. The comments are for the most part unedited and published as they are made. There is nothing to stop any person or TV show removing a question or comments but this is an intriguing one I think. Watch the decision at the end of the sing-off and also the reactions of the contestants when the result is announced.