Sunday, October 24, 2010


And so John goes! Neither John or Treyc should have in the final two on tonight's X Factor show. Wagner should have been sent home of course but with the gone too soon Diva Fever out of the show Wagner is now officially this year's novelty/OTT entertainment act. Louis has once again puts his one good egg (Mary) in his basket but in reality, with John, he actually had two good contestants in this year's show. Louis annoys me every year. He is a cross between a very clever business man and what we call in Ireland an eejit. When he said that he hoped someone gives John a record deal it sounded so awful, in other words, "anyone but me". Even if Mary goes home weeks before the final Louis knows that especailly in Ireland he has Mary's 2011 organised already as he has done with Jedward who were on Irish TV and are on posters and Billboards all over Dublin for a charity campaign this week. Mary is however the exact opposite of Jedward and is still one of the best contestants on this year's show but she showed a little bit of attitude when asked if she will sing a more modern song on future shows and her tone didn't come across well. Mary can sing her solo lines well in the group song and therefore the idea that she couldn't manage a whole more recent chart song is ridiculous. The group song, Forget You, on the Sunday night for the past two weeks has been just ok. It was very obviously pre-recorded on tonight's show and with Cheryl also partly miming her new single it really helped Michael Buble look even better than he is. With two guest spots, an elimination and a group song it's almost like the Sunday night show is rushed while the Saturday main show is Eurovision long It also felt like a bit of an anti-climax this week with just one person sent home. If the winner's single is going to be released before Christmas to avoid last year's disaster there should be at least three more double eliminations. I think the double eliminations have been a good aspect of this year's show but 16 finalists hasn't been a great idea. It's a bit like when Big Brother crammed too many into the house on the show's opening night. The final 12 on X Factor should be exactly that. Paul has as ever the best write up on X Factor here which also includes former X Factor contestants themselves in the comments box which makes me love his blog even more. I met some friends today for lunch who are as addicted to the show as I am and I mentioned that I loved the song Zoom when it first came out. It was a number two UK hit for Fat Larry's Band in 1982. It wasn't an 'awful song' as Simon called it on Saturday night. John did a nice version of Zoom but I think the background dancers and Simon centring on them fecked it all up for poor John. Each week I'm going to post the original of one of the contestant's songs so here's the sweet and lovely Zoom by Fat Larry's Band.

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Myfizzypop said...

Mary is amazing. I can't wait for an album from her. If it is Halloween week this week then she absolutely has to do annie Lennox's Love Song For A Vampire... not particularly halloweeny but it will do.

Poor John. Of course no one is going to give him a record deal. Which is such a shame. Still Scott Bruton is touring the country and done West End with musicals so there's hope for him yet!

am loving Princes & rogues commenting!!