Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All Weekend Long

I am toying the idea of doing an X Factor post each week. One of the main reason that I haven't in the past is because Paul of Fizzypop does it so well. The shows would not be the same for me without his weekend write ups. This week's write up is here. What is interesting is that there are now loads of blogs dedicated to X Factor, some are good, most are or have to be amusing and others are awful but that's the joy of shows like X Factor it brings out a reaction in people. Some of my workmates love it while others would prefer to throw the TV out the window when it's on but it is the best karaoke soap opera on TV every Autumn and Winter. My favourite contestants so far have been Mary, Diva Fever, Rebecca, Aiden and of course Matt. I now love Matt and have a new type of guy whenever i meet 'the one'. Beards are no longer an issue or are homeless Fran from Travis type flat caps. My only issue with Matt is that I don't believe that he is singing songs that he loves himself so far such as the songs he has been told to sing; If I Were a Boy and When Love Takes Over. At that rate he will be singing We Break The Dawn by Michelle Williams on next week's shows. Whenever Dermot O'Leary talks about the music that he listens to it is always indie, there is no Five Star or Sonia megamixes on his playlist. I know Dermot is a good presenter and he dosen't have to love pure pop but I think he sometimes uses X Factor as a job rather than a passion. Matt also couldn't sing songs like The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face every week or we would all be onto phone helplines. Overall it was a good move by Dannii to give Matt a dance song. Even though I know most of Ireland will be phoning in to support Mary I don't mind as her performance last week was just wonderful. She does have the same issue with pronunciation that Susan Boyle has where some of the words of the songs are sung as one long word but that is easily rectified. I wished both Nicolo and F.Y.D. had been kept in for a few more weeks but neither were ever going to win so it's all a game of Cluedo really. Nicolo looks brilliant, he's the scary, ultra confident type of guy I remember seeing in London's G.A.Y. club years ago though Dublin is full of them now too. I'm think Cher is overrated but I liked her at the start of the show, if she somehow becomes less mini Cheryl I'll like her again. Paije annoys me almost as much as Louis having to compare him to a true great like Luther. Louis did the same when he compared the beautiful in her own right Rebecca to another legend, Sade. By now we also know that Louis will compare an act to someone in his own music collection every week. I also shouted at my TV when Simon went into mental nonsense mode when he asked Louis where in the world was One Sweet Day a number one hit. The number 16 went through my head as soon as he said and I'm so glad it irked Paul and John too. I really thought Simon thought John's performance was good but as most of the contestants on the night were not awful he had said that just to be evil Simon instead of slightly nicer Simon. Who knows the extra minute of airtime it gave One Sweet Day might sell a few more downloads for Marian and Boyz II Men this week. I also looked up Teardrops which Rebecca sang and it only got to number one for Womack & Womack in the Dutch chart. Rule book, Simon! It however suited her well and was almost nicer than the original which was never off the radio in the day. I'm glad that the downloads sales of the performances won't count in next week's chart as with 16 songs covered by the contestants, downloads of the original songs and the ones sung by Joe and Usher most of the chart would be X Factor based/ hijacked. It makes more money for Simon and ITV but also gives a clear idea of who the public will buy when the show is over and what kind of song they would buy. I hope Yuri can cover that with his crystal ball of mid week sales. Crap pop research by the media occurred the next night as well as I missed the result show and read on the Monday in the papers that the group had sung Rhythm of the Night by DeBarge but of course it wasn't DeBarge but a completely different song with the same name by Corona which was a hit in the mid 90's. I love the group song on the Sunday shows, it's Glee before there was Glee. I hate I Gotta Feeling with a passion but last year's X Factor performance of it was pure fun. Rhythm of the Night worked well on last weekend's show. I loved how F.Y.D. do a bit of cruise ship dance routine while One Direction realise that they can't sing and dance at the same time. Mary so deserves her place on the show as she really gets into the song and her attitude is "I'm 50, so what!", Storm and Wagner however were still 'they sent the wrong babysitter!!!'. Roll on next week.


John said...

I get a little too excited about these things, but yeah, irked is a good word.

Matt and Aiden look so adorable in that pic!

Unknown said...

Love that pic too, I'm glad Matt's look hasn't been changed completely for the live shows.