Monday, July 5, 2010

That's alright

Eminem is an artist that I can never make up my mind on. He is one of the best rappers but I am not the biggest fan of rap in general. The bigger a rap or Hip Hop artist such as Kanye or Jay Z gets the less I like them. I really liked the 8 Mile movie but after that I had little interest in Eminem. His songs are often very well constructed and that has to be admired. If singers influence fans Eminem definitely does that. I really feel that a large percentage of his fans, those who have made his new album Recovery a worldwide hit, have some amount of identification with him. Not Afraid is a song that has cemented that fan base and added to it. Love The Way You Lie also adds to his fan base and is one I have listened to a lot over the past two weeks. A lot of Hip Hop songs work because of the chorus and the combination of Rihanna and Eminem works to great advantage on this song. I think the lyrics are both interesting and disturbing. The only article I've found on the song's lyrics is here. I wonder what his fans and other listeners think of the lyrics. Do listeners still think about lyrics? Eminem is an artist that I would never normally post on this site but it's always the specific song that appeals to me and I think it's Rihanna's best song in a long time.

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