Monday, July 5, 2010

Be Still

The American magazine Entertainment Weekly is my favourite website for information on new movies but it also is great for music news too. This week, on it's website, it features a top ten of songs that they believe stand out this Summer. I love some of them and really dislike at least three. The top ten lists in the magazine are often well open to debate so that's the joy of them. I won't tell you what the list comprises of, it's one of those move on to the next one type and can be found here.
Here is the song that impressed me the most. It's Big Boi, from Outkast and Be Still. It's taken from his new solo album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty which isn't really solo at all as it features a host of collaborations. The addictive chorus on Be Still is by Janelle Monae, the much written about new female singer. Big Boi also appears on her own song Tightrope. Like a lot of good Hip Hop ballads Be Still is slightly ruined by the horrible opening line but it's all good after that.

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