Sunday, July 18, 2010

All That She Samples

I am very much a Gaga fan. However, Alejandro was one of my least favourite songs on The Fame Monster. The video for Alejandro changed that for a few weeks. Today, an artist is ridiculed for not being original but I think Lady Gaga is as original as you get nowadays. Every artist has to have influences and she draws on many. Enough to provoke reactions anyway. I love the choreography in the Alejandro video and the image above is one of the best I have seen recently of Gaga. There are moments when she reminds me of Gwen Stefani. I went to see her in concert a few months ago and she was very entertaining but the theme of going to the monster ball was just ok instead of being amazing. We had seated tickets and it was one show I wished I had been standing at. She gives a 100% and it's not many new artists who could have a choice of the one big song at the end of the show with Just Dance, Poker Face and Bad Romance all performed in the latter part of the show to full effect. I always get the sense that behind it all she is a pretty fragile person and I know the media are waiting for that grand meltdown which is not going to let happen just yet if ever. Alejandro always reminded me of La Isla Bonita for some reason even though it's nothing like that song apart from the latin vibe. It is Ace of Base that Alejandro borrows from the most. I posted a Robin Skouteris mix of La Roux and The Gossip a few weeks ago and here is a mix of Alejandro and All That She Wants by Ace of Base. I think it works well but I feel it didn't really need the addition of Please Don't Break My Heart which is pure old fashioned bubblegum pop by Kalomoira.

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